World Heart Day 2024: Quotes, Slogan, Wishes, Poster and WhatsApp Status

Published:Dec 29, 202322:22
Updated on:Dec 29, 2023
World Heart Day 2024: Quotes, Slogan, Wishes, Poster and WhatsApp Status
World Heart Day Quotes, World Heart Day Poster|World Heart Day Poster, World Heart Day Poster,

World heart day organizes on September 29 every year to emphasize on the importance of being active and staying informed about cardiovascular Health and diseases. The day promotes preventative measures and steps that people should inculcate in their lifestyle to keep away heart attacks at day.

What is cardio-vascular Diseases (CVD)?

Cardio-vascular diseases include heart conditions consisting of blood clots, diseased vessels and structural problems of the heart. The risk factors that lead to CVD diseases include obesity, smoking, heightened levels of glucose and saturated fat.

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Know your Heart

To observe World Heart Day emphasizes on how knowing one’s heart is essential and that it requires understanding the risks you are prone to. Heart controls our blood pressure and it is pumping station of our blood so we care about it.

Effects of Exercise on Heart disease

Exercise benefits the heart and circulation via many pathways. The benefits include improving cholesterol and fat levels, reducing inflammation in the arteries. It promotes weight loss and helping to keep blood vessels flexible and open. Researches claims exercise at least 30 minutes in a week gives benefits to avoid CVD.

Love Your Heart

To keep healthy it is important to eat healthy, quit smoking and drinking. Eating healthy is one of the most important steps towards ensuring that heart is fueled with energy.

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World Heart Day Theme 2024

Heart Day 2024 theme is- "Use Heart, Know Heart"

Years  Heart Day Themes
2006 “How Young is Your Heart?”
2007 “Team Up for Healthy Hearts”.
2008 “Know your Risk”.
2009 “I Work with Heart”.
2010 “I Work with Heart”.
2011 “One World, One Heart, and One Home”.
2012 “One World, One Heart, and One Home”.
2013 “Take the road to a healthy heart”.
2014 “Heart Choices NOT Hard Choices”.
2015 “Creating Heart-Healthy Environments”.
2016 “Light Your Heart, Empower Your Life”.
2017 “Share the Power”
2018 ”My Heart, Your Heart”
2019 ”My Heart, Your Heart”
2020 "Be a Heart Hero"
2021 "Use Heart To Connect"
2022 "Cardiovascular Health for Everyone"
2023 "Use Heart, Know Heart"

Heart Day Quotes

Always listen to your heart. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Quotes

A good heart is something that people get attracted to. Happy World Heart Day.

Let us make more people aware of cardiovascular diseases on World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Quotes

A healthy heart is a key to happiness in life. Happy World Heart Day.

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Stress and tension is the root cause of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. So stay happy and keep on smiling. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Quotes

Keeping a healthy heart is essential if you don’t want to be apart from your loved ones. Happy World Heart Day.

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Never lose your heart in any situation, it is the best way to deal with all kinds of problems. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Quotes

Start caring about the health of your heart from World Heart Day.

Put a stop to all the problems related to your heart before it stops you. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Quotes

The beat of your life goes on only if you have a healthy heart. Happy World Heart Day.

Don’t let cardiovascular diseases ruin your life, stay happy and healthy. Happy World Heart Day.

A healthy heartbeat is essential for you to feel good in life. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Slogans

World Heart Day Quotes
  • Don’t take your heart lightly because that is the basis for life.
  • World Heart Day September 29
    Health care for your Heart
    Eat well. Move more. Live long
    Heart matters
  • Take care of your heart. Don’t let it fall apart
  • Life is more beautiful and more fun when you have a heart that beats right.
  • You can’t beat a healthy heart
  • A happy heart is a healthy heart…. Stay happy and live longer!!!
  • With a healthy heart, the beat goes on
  • Let’s have a Heart to Heart about Heart disease
  • The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart
  • Get to the Heart of the Matter
  • I wear red for heart disease
  • My heart beats for my health
  • Regular sex keeps you away from Heart Attack
  • Keep calm and save Heart
  • With strong Heart longer, you run
  • Don’t start, keep a healthy heart

World Heart Day Wishes and Messages

World Heart Day Quotes

On the occasion of World Heart Day, I wish that your heart always stay healthy and happy…. So take care of your diet and always keep your heart in good shape!!

Let us celebrate World Heart Day by going for heart checkups and promising ourselves to eat healthy and live happy…… Best wishes on World Heart Day to you.

World Heart Day Quotes

The best way to keep your heart in a healthy state is by eating right, sleeping right and not taking stress…. Sending my best wishes on World Heart Day to you.

If you have a healthy heart, you can enjoy a happy and long life…. So encourage your loved ones to go for heart checkup this World Heart Day for a smooth life ahead.

World Heart Day Status Video/Images

“Healthy and happy…. That is what a heart suppose to be!!”

World Heart Day WhatsApp status

“Take care of your heart because it is life.”

World Heart Day WhatsApp status

“Never hurt any heart, keep it safe and healthy.”

World Heart Day WhatsApp status

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