World Refugee Day 2024 Theme | Wishes| Quotes| Posters| Slogans| Reports| Causes| Images

Published:Nov 17, 202322:32
World Refugee Day 2024 Theme | Wishes| Quotes| Posters| Slogans| Reports| Causes| Images
World Refugee Day|World Refugee Day quotes|World Refugee Day images|

World Refugee Day 2024 Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Posters| Slogans| Reports| Causes| Images : Every year World Refugee Day is celebrated on 20 June to spread awareness about refugees. This is significant day, for those who are displaced their homes because of the civil war, religion separation and so narrow views. World Refugee Day is honorable day that inspires to refugees to their sacrifice and understating challenges of Life. The first time this significant day was observed on 04 December 2000, by UNHCR. After then day was commemorated permanently on 20 June each year. According to UNHCR there are 89.7 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes. At one figure there is one man in 88 people who is forced to flee. Here are the Quotes, Wishes, Theme, Greetings, Reports that can be share with your friends.

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World Refugee Day 2024 Theme

World Refugee Day 2024 theme is " N/A". Theme of the year focuses on to encourage people to empower economy after Covid 19 pandemic. After Covid 19 a great recession was generated around the world. So theme focuses to boost economy.

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World Refugee Day 2022 Quotes, Messages

World Refugee Day images

They are not homeless, they are not jobless because of adverse circumstances they are introduced as refugee. Respect them, Honor them.

Because of lack of safety, food and water they are changed in refugee. Give them shelter they are common people that are also part of a society.

No one takes shelter in sea unless land is safe. It is disaster that forced them to give up their houses.

World Refugee Day messages, images

Let's celebrate World Refugee Day for those who are seeking a place they will live for peace. Encourage them on this significant day.

It is unfortunate that every refugee do not fulfill it's basic needs but it is not mean that they are not talented, they also have skills and above all they are part of society.

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Greetings, Status, Posts World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day quotes
  • A world is destroyed not by those who have evil ideas but by those who watch them doing nothing.
  • If a person give up his country, is not mean that he is terrorist, but it is mean that some terrorists are already in society who forced them to replace.
  • There are no father and mother who want to force their children without a house, without clothes', without food but circumstances make them to do so.
  • War is not solution but it is worse situation of a country which forces people to give up their houses permanently.
  • A refugee is who sacrificed his life to make his better future. But he is not responsible for it.

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