Happy Rare Disease Day (2023) Theme| Wikipedia| History| Significance - Quotes, Wishes to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:44
Happy Rare Disease Day (2023) Theme| Wikipedia| History| Significance - Quotes, Wishes to Share
Every year World Rare Disease Day|Rare Disease Day 2023 Theme|

Happy Rare Disease Day (2023) Theme| Wikipedia| History| Significance - Quotes, Wishes to Share : Every year World Rare Disease Day is celebrated on the rare day 28 February worldwide. This is the global awareness day about the rare disease that symptoms occurs after a long time. A rare disease is defined when it affects one person from 2000 persons. Motive to celebrate this official day is improve the access of rare disease treatment and also provide financial and mentally support to rare disease's family. Actually diseases that are counted in rare diseases which are whose treatment and diagnosis is not available so it is the day on which many health organizations support to patients and help to counterattack rare diseases. First time this historical day was celebrated on 28 February 2008 when European Organizations leads efforts in their respective countries. So friends, today in this article we will know about the Happy Rare Disease Day Wikipedia, History, Significance, Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Slogans that you can share with your friends and close one's.

Wiki Highlights of Rare Disease Day 2023

Disease Day 2023
Rare Disease Day Illustration Poster or Banner Background
Event NameRare Disease Day 2023
TypeHealth, Awareness
Observe Date28 February
Observation byEU, UN, Globally
1st Observation2008
Rare Disease MeanAffects fewer than 1 in 2000 people
SignificanceTo raise awareness of rare disease, to improve affected patient's diagnosis and also provide basic health amenities to patient
Affected Population300 million
Genetic Rare Diseases %72 %
Hashtags of Day #happyrarediseaseday

Rare Disease Day 2023 Theme

Rare Disease Day 2023 Theme

Rare Disease Day 2023 theme is "Share Your Colors (also 2022)!" Theme also informs all the government and non government organizations to spread a love towards affected patients. This theme also emphasizes on to show solidarity with the patients and also share affection with rare disease patient's.

Wishes, Quotes of Rare Disease Day 2023

  • "It is time to be unite against tremendous suffering of rare disease, let's make a commitment to finish these barriers of health amenities on the significant Rare Disease Day 2023."
  • "Rare Disease day may cause severe pain, progressive sufferings, disability and premature death but it also be cure by proper diagnosis. "
  • "Let's make a sound health infrastructure, healthcare research structure and diagnosis, by providing best health amenities to rare diseased patients. "
  • "Although it may affect whole body system and also healthy mind, let's share hand with the patients to abolish this deadly diseases permanently. "
  • "Let's take a commitment with advocates, health care professionals, researchers, students to provide best amenities the helpless patient's who are suffering from rare disease. "

Activities on Rare Disease Day 2023

  • Try to connect health specialists, and researchers to share quality knowledge about the rare diseases symptoms and diagnosis.
  • Share the appropriate health infrastructure and amenities for rare disease patients.
  • Make a campaign to unite people gathering by providing a vital knowledge about the rare diseases causes and symptoms.
  • Try to connect with health experts and also clinicians by sharing the knowledge of rare diseases with each other.
  • All the pediatric cancer diseases are rare diseases so try to diagnosis cancer on basis of symptoms.


What are Rare Diseases ?

Diseases that are found one individual from 2000 is the rare disease and it's symptoms also occurs rare. There are many diseases that are unknown, like as all pediatric cancer patients also suffer from rare disease.

How many population is affected by rare diseases ?

There are 300 million population worldwide which are affected from rare diseases.

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