Happy World Tiger Day (2024) Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Census, Population, Greetings to Share

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Happy World Tiger Day (2024) Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Census, Population, Greetings to Share
Happy World Tiger Day||International Tiger Day Quotes|

World Tiger Day or International Tiger Day every year is celebrated on 29 July to raise awareness to shelter tiger and provide a protection tiger's species. Motive to celebrate this hopefully day is to save our beautiful tigers and make a globally awareness to protect all tiger reserves also. It is promoting step increase tiger populations globally. First time this whole program was celebrated in 2010 with first Tiger Summit 2010 in Russia when total tiger population only was 1705 globally and as a output by this constant effort in 2024 total tiger population is 2367 only in India. In seventh annual summit of Tiger reservation WWF (World Wildlife Fund) also promoted this initiative by Double Tiger campaign and it was also a fruitful step to increase tiger population. So friends today in this article we will know about World Tiger Day or International Tiger Day Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Status, Slogans, Facts, Wikipedia, History, Significance that you can share with your friends and close one's.

World Tiger Day 2024 Wiki Highlights

Event Name World Tiger Day 2024
Type Wildlife, International Day
Celebration date 29 July
Significance annual summit to increase tiger population and save their habitat, different species globally
1st Tiger Summit Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia
1st Tiger Summit host Russia
Total Tiger Reserve India (2024) 53
Newest Tiger Reserve Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh
Total Tiger Population India (2024) 3167
Tiger man of India Kailash Sankhala
Largest Tiger in world The Siberian tiger

World Tiger Day 2024 Theme - Focus on Hands to Save Tiger

World Tiger Day 2024 Theme focus on Raise awareness about the importance of tigers and the threats they face, there is no specific theme for year 2024 but ultimate motive of theme is increasing awareness about conservation and protection of most endangered species of world's that are tigers. Tigers are listed in Appendix I of CITES since 1975, that is concern to save their population and according to this convention tigers commercial purpose totally prohibited. So it is very important that we save our most iconic cats species for wildlife balance and sustainable development. 2024 theme also informs survival of tigers and also connect a dense relation with innocent tigers and their life with human beings.

Why We Celebrate International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day. July 29. Holiday concept. Template for background, banner, card, poster with text inscription. Vector EPS10 illustration

29 July is special date, as we know that on this day World Tiger Day is celebrated. This is day to highlight rescue operation and tiger conservation efforts. Dwindling rapidly population of tiger is major concern globally and it is a awareness campaign to save our beautiful tiger species for their natural habitat. In today era there are many factors that are great anxiety for tiger populations and conservation. People are poaching tigers and indulged in many illegal commercial trade that is bad symbol of tiger species, so to motive this special day celebration is to connect people with awareness and prohibit poaching, tiger's trafficking and other activities that causes against their life. The main aim to celebration World Tiger Day is-

  • Provide Tiger Protection
  • Implement Tiger Conservation Protocol
  • Prohibit Poaching, Trafficking Tigers
  • Establish Natural Habitat Tigers
  • Aware people to Save Tigers and Species
  • Global effort to Save Tiger Campaign

Activities on World Tiger Day 2024 Special

There are many activities, educational programs and awareness campaigns are held to save our tigers on earth. Here are some useful steps that we can take to save our iconic species and ensure to increase their population globally like as-

  1. Awareness by Social Media- On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other media platforms we can run a campaign with motivational speeches and slogans like as Save Tiger Save Life, Tiger are Not Poaching, Save Earth Save Tiger and so all campaigns.
  2. Tiger Reserve Exhibitions- We can organize some tourists exhibitions that are connected with wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reservation zoos. Here are many video clips, natural habitat, awareness campaign can be held to conservation tiger species.
  3. Implement Tiger Protection Policy- There are many policies that are connected to save tiger by our government but they are useless without contribution of human. So we can help to implementation their polices and rules with community effort.
  4. School and College Effort- To aware children about Tiger species, their natural habitat, and different types CITES convention may be a great step to save our wildlife forever.
  5. One Tiger, One City Campaign- Metropolitan cities and other middle cities can adopt a tiger and take whole responsibility to save tiger with their global efforts. There are many NGO's also who can also contribute to save tigers awareness.
  6. Restore Natural Habitat- Natural habitat, lack of tiger habitat and food is major causes to save tiger. So with proper plantation we can safe tiger habitat and their suitable environment to live without human disturbance.

Tiger Census 2022 Facts, Population and Total Tiger Reservation

  • According to National Tiger Conservation Authority report 2022, there are total 3167 tigers in India that is total 200 has grown in compare of last census.
  • Total growth rate that appears from 2018 to 2022 is 6.7 percentage that is largest in world.
  • According to NTCA report 2022 there are total 53 tiger reserve in India and latest Tiger wildlife sanctuary is Ranipur Wildlife sanctuary UP.
  • Tiger is listed in International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List: Endangered.
  • India is the country where world's 75 percentage tiger habitats.
  • Largest Tiger Sanctuary in India - Nagarjunsagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Andhra Pradesh
  • Smallest Tiger Sanctuary in India - Orang tiger reserve in Assam

International Tiger Day Quotes

International Tiger Day Quotes
World Tiger Day Background Design

"Being human it is necessary to revive our wildlife by preservation their species and tiger is also one of the most endangered species from this red list. "

"Saving tigers is not a force but if one's don't care about this wildlife beauty then we will see this natural beauty after sometimes in photographs and videoclips. "

"It is our irony that most powerful mind can't save most powerful wildlife that is tiger and their species. "

"Poaching and trafficking of tigers are major factor that is concern for our tigers, let's we also commitment to protect it on this special day World Tiger Day 2024 forever. "

International Tiger Day Quotes

"Tiger are indication of power, strength, dignity, attitude, we should come together to make it's habitat more powerful. "

"Let's make this World Tiger Day as a majestic day to preserve this creature forever. Wish you all HAPPY INTERNATIONAL TIGER DAY 2024."

"Tirelessly effort, dedication and dense love towards tigers can create a marvelous habitat and protection to save tiger. "

"World Tiger Day is united effort to preserve world's most powerful endangered species Tigers and their life, let's we make a great difference with great effort. "

"A better future of Tigers depend on individuals and organizations efforts. Happy Tiger Day 2024 with warmth wishes. "


Which Organization implements Project Tiger 1973 ?

Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC)

Goddess Durga

Panthera tigris

There are major concerns are tiger's trafficking, poaching, habitats, protection, decreasing population, lack of awareness and to be listed in CITES endangered species in Red list.

Here are past years data that indicates different years population of tigers -
2006- 1411
2010- 1706
2014- 2226
2018- 2967
2022- 3167

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