Happy World Telecommunication And Information Society Day (2023) Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Status to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:47
Happy World Telecommunication And Information Society Day (2023) Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Status to Share
Happy World Telecommunication And Information Society Day|Happy World Telecommunication

Happy World Telecommunication And Information Society Day (2023) Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Status to Share : Every year World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is celebrated on 17 May as the awareness about the internet and technology. Modern technology has changed human life with amazing way, everywhere we can see impact on machines and computer technology in emerging world. So motive to celebrate this hopefully day is to aware people about global changes and their wanted effects on human life. First time this significant day was celebrated on 17 May, 2006 by the well known society International Telecommunication Union. According to world digital survey there are 37 percentage people globally who depend on technology and internet connectivity. In present decade, it is impossible to exist without machinery technology and online experience. But there are negative impact also emerging with the progressing telecommunication. It is necessary to balance human life and affordable technology in world. So friends, today in this article we will know about the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2023 Wikipedia, History, Significance, Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Status that you can share with your friends and close one's.

World Telecommunication And Information Society Day Wiki Highlights

Happy World Telecommunication
17 may world telecommunication day illustration
Event World Telecommunication And Information Society Day 2023
TypeCommunication, Technology
Celebrate date17 May 2023
Significancestimulating reflection and exchanges of human efforts for a sustainable development and to balance various aspects of modern technology
1st Observation2006
Parent organizationInternational Telecommunication Union
2022 Topics2022 Digital technologies for older persons and health aging
ActivitiesOrganize national and international debates, hold campaigns to target aspects of technology
Next observation17 May 2024
Hashtags of day#worldtelecommunicationandinformationsocietyday2023

World Telecommunication And Information Society Day 2023 Theme

Theme of World Telecommunication And Information Society Day 2023 is A unique opportunity to showcase the work ITU does, together with its members and partners, to support Least Developed Countries (LDCs). The focus of 2023 theme is, to provide support and establish a technology environment in the least developed countries. There are many countries who are suffering from least internet connectivity and cyber crimes, so to overall theme informs us to overall development everywhere in world.

Happy Wishes, Quotes World Telecommunication And Information Society Day 2023

  • Digital investment is better way to aware people about machinery technology and its beneficiary aspects. Happy World Telecommunication Day 2023 all.
  • Let's we celebrate this significant day to stimulating reflection and exchanges of thoughts on the theme adopted by the Council.
  • For a digital transformation it is necessary to know about digital technology but it is also necessary to know about negative impacts .
  • Let's invest in digital era, to increase connectivity and popularity with the world largest technology hub.
  • Digital communication and growth are the vibrant source to connect people with each other, let's we also be a part of this sustainable society forever.
  • We can't ignore our humble digital society and digital technology, we are the part of our rich society, so let's live ecstasy with new technology.
  • Everything is possible when connectivity runs in people's heart.

Inspirational Messages, Slogans, Greetings on International Telecommunication And Information Society Day

Welcome to embracing technology for a progressive communicative society and prosperity for all.

It is ecstasy moment that we are living with digital communication everywhere in the world, let's celebrate this day to aware people about technology.

Foundation of International Telecommunication and Information day exists in our digital life, let's balance it for a sustainable development for society.

On the world telecommunication day we emphasize the importance of telecommunication and information forever.

Digital development play a vital role to balance a society and it's cultural effect. Let's we also become a part this progressive society.

We support artificial intelligence and robotics world for a sustainable mankind and its power.

Social expand and vital innovation can emerge when every person will be connect with the digital world. Happy Digital communication Day 2023 forever.

For a sustainable development and digital establishment, it is necessary to connect our hearts. Happy World Telecommunication Day forever.


On which date World Telecommunication and Society day is celebrated ?

17 May

Who is parent organization to hold World Telecommunication and Society Day ?

International Telecommunication Union

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