5 Amazing Facts about Earth Day 22 April (2024) Unknown Nature Thoughts on Earth Day

Published:Nov 17, 202322:28
5 Amazing Facts about Earth Day 22 April (2024) Unknown Nature Thoughts on Earth Day
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5 Amazing Facts about Earth Day 22 April (2024) Unknown Nature Thoughts on Earth Day : Our Planet is the gift of god, and we care about our nature to much, Earth is great planet where are human live beings live. But why this is so important, there are many planets that also have a green nature and live beings but earth is the most powerful earth planet where life exists. So friends here in this blog we will discuss about the 5 amazing facts about earth that are unknown. Everyone want to know these facts reality and mystery. Every year Earth day observed 22 April to aware people about the nature and our ecosystem.

How Old is Our Earth ?

We are living on the earth but it's interesting fact to know about how many years our earth is old. According to biologic scientist data our earth is 49.5 millions year old that is a long time. At the formation time of earth was not living place but it was the round sphere of fire. According to science our earth is a piece of sun that changed in a living place.

When will Earth die ?

The nature gift earth will be die in future or existing forever ? Yes it is true after 7.4 Billons years our earth will change in red giant that will be absorbed by the sun. According to science data our earth is no exists forever.

Who was born First on Earth ?

It is very conflict that who was born on earth first. According to science bacteria was the first species that will emerge on this greenery planet. But according to Hindu and Christian religion, it is believed that God formatted this universe planet.

How many Species exists on Earth ?

It is impossible to count all species of earth but according to science data almost 8.8 millions species are available on earth that makes a huge biodiversity. This biodiversity is important to on earth because it play a important role to protect a safe ecosystem.

How did Dinosaurs born on Earth ?

Yes it is true that before billions of years a big species of animal was exists on earth that was so big that a huge area of earth cover by it. But with time our physical body changes in our mentally strength. Dinosaurs was successful primitive animals that come in exists from 240 to 235 millions of year.

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