Happy Orange Blossom Day (2024) - Know Amazing Facts How Orange Benefits Skin and Health

Published:Nov 17, 202322:47
Happy Orange Blossom Day (2024) - Know Amazing Facts How Orange Benefits Skin and Health
Happy Orange Blossom Day

Happy Orange Blossom Day: Health is wealth, source of Vitamin C, Fiber and Calcium and Anti-inflammatory fruit Orange is found in Northeast India. This is important fruit in food, beverages industry and have rich calories, potassium, vitamin c and citrus acid also. National Orange Blossom day is also describes this specially fruit who fulfills human body essential requirements and supplements.

Every year this day is celebrated on 27 June to create a awareness about Orange and its marvelous health benefits in food industry products and industrial uses. So friends here in this article we will know about National Orange Blossom Day 2024 Facts, History, Types of Orange, Nutrition Level in Orange, Health Benefits of Orange Juice and so all that is source of Orange that will help you to make a healthy and physical health for all.

Facts about Orange Blossom Day 2024

  • Name of Day- National Orange Blossom Day 2023
  • Type- Nutrition, Health
  • Celebration date- 27 June
  • Scientific Name- Citrus Sinensis
  • Region and Environment- Northeast India, China
  • Supplement Source- Vitamin C, Fiber, Anti-inflammatory
  • Nickname- Amber, Goldie, Citrus, Oval Flower
  • Energy - 197KJ
  • Fat-0.13 gram

Why We Celebrate Orange Blossom Day

Orange is native plant of whole China, India and Myanmar. The rich source of Vitamin C and fragrance this fruit uses in many fragrant products also. Like as 35 percent of perfumes and fragrance scent are produced by its healthy flowers and petals. Besides it is also uses in biological chemistry and medicine industry also. There are many juices that are prepared by its liquid form. To maintain human's mental and physical health it is one of best fruit in all natural fruits. Lemons and Oranges benefit to release human mental stress and tension forever and its also provide a suitable blood pressure. So aim to celebrate this healthy day to aware people about the natural fruit Orange and its supplement uses.

Types of Oranges and Nutrition Level

There are many types of oranges in market that are natural and hybrid also. These fruits have a extraordinary health benefits and also rich source of supplement and fibers like as-

Type RegionCalorie/pieceVitamin C Level
NavelMyanmar60-70 62 milligrams
Indian CitrusNortheast India72-8774 milligrams
China OvalNorth China55-6268 milligrams
MandarinSouth China61-6977 milligrams
Cara CaraChina 62-6761 milligrams
JaffaIndia70-7572 milligrams

Health and Skin Benefits of Orange

  • It protects you from cancer diseases and also maintain your cholesterol level in your body.
  • One orange daily consumption, provides a healthy skin and extra energy whole day.
  • Oranges are source of carbohydrate, vitamin c, and citrus acid that is very necessary for human black hair and smoother skin.
  • There are many scientific sources that tells that a healthy orange keep you always healthy and also keep away blood related diseases like as Anemia.
  • Besides it, citric fruits reduces your lactic acid that maintain your bone density and decrease muscle pain.
  • It preserve your immune system and also finish unnecessary germs.
  • As a psychological benefits Vitamin C source of energy, that reduces your anxious, stress, tension, anxiety forever.
  • It also finish dead cells and help to create new cells from which we feel every time energetic.

Vitamin C and Nutrient Fruit Orange Relation

Vitamin C is folate and necessary for RNA genesis, so to maintain a whole biological cycle it is important supplement in human body. For newborn babies it is remedy that preserve their healthy skin and natural immunology system. Besides it during pregnancy to fulfill requirement of citric acid and folic complement vitamin C uses that preserve healthy pregnancy. It is also provide essential sugar and carbohydrate in human body and sometimes it also fulfil lack of water in your body. Sometimes we face kidney stones problems but with regular uses of Citric acid or orange juice it may finish forever. So as a biologicals cycle it play a important role to maintain human health.

Why One Orange is Necessary Human Body

According to WHO data one orange have approx. 62 calories with no fat. Besides it 03 grams fiber and 15 grams of sugar and protein, Vitamin C, Calcium and Potassium are consisted in one orange. So it is necessary to our physical and mental health. During accidental injury and skin losses then it is one of most source that heels your skin and provide proper collagen for your skin health. As a psychological impact it provide you proper physical and mental health.

Activities on Orange Blossom Day 2024

  1. On this significant we all take a oath to preserve our citrus fruits forever, like as-
  2. Try to implant a citrus fruit in your necessary place like as lemon plant, citrus plant or orange plant etc.
  3. Make a awareness about citrus fruit and its healthy benefits for human body.
  4. Check up your physical body and try to know citrus level.
  5. Try to organize a citrus juice party to your friends and close one's by telling them healthy benefits.


On which date Orange Blossom Day is celebrated ?

27 June

Why citrus fruit is necessary for human body ?

Citrus fruit are source of fiber, vitamin c that preserve your skin health. Besides it also uses in many fragrant and drinking beverages.

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