Happy Baisakhi Wishes Messages & Cards

Published:Nov 17, 202311:00
Happy Baisakhi Wishes Messages & Cards
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The crutch which is also known as Vaisakhi is celebrated with much joy and long in the state of Punjab in particular. This is an important festival of the Sikh community, for the day being, when the establishment of Khalsa has been taken place. The entire Sikh diaspora living around the world celebrates the festival with utmost joy and excitement. On this day, people send heartfelt crutches message quotes and wishes to express the merriment of each other to celebrate the festival.
Here are some delightfully written crutch quotes that will surely help people besides them and wishing loved ones...


This season of May harvest to bring all the joy to you!
May whey Guruji keep you safe, healthy and strong!
You can shine like stars!
May this season wash off all your scars!
Happy crutches for you and your family

You can sing songs of happiness!
You may blossom like fresh beautiful flowers!
May your every day make you stronger!
Wish you always walking on the path of true light
Happy Crutch!!!

The assortment of hope and happiness rain on your life,
This crutch, you're all that gets your light,
May God send the messenger of prosperity to you!
May all your desires become true and humidity happy!
Wish you a very happy and humid crutch!


 I want a wish for your on crutches,
That all your wishes are true,
Almighty accepts all your desires,
You can get the best prizes for your generous deeds!
You can be free of all the negativity inside you!
Wish you a happy and complete crutch!

This crutch, wish you get the special shower of love,
Wish you could hope for the future,
Wish you currently get the love,
Wish you get freedom from the present,

 You can be as bright as the sun!
You can be as cool as the moon!
You can be as peaceful as the wind!
You can be as pleasing as rain!
This crutch, I wish you all happiness, hope, and love!!!

Your house is filled with the noise of your laughter,
Your heart is filled with never-ending joys,
Your heart life becomes richer than positivity,
Your finds peace with the spirit who does anything,
This crutch, I'm thinking of the idea of completing all for yours!
Happy Baisakhi!!!


I'm sure this crutch is going to bring the best for you,
I'm sure this crutch is going to heal you best,
I'm sure this crutch is going to get the best of you,
I pray from the bottom of my heart,
That all made, desires and desires are fulfilled
Happy Crutch!!!

If today, I had a magic wand and Jinni,
I wish for you The life you desire,
If today, I had power,
I would have made The most powerful,
You can live the longest!
You can be loved the longest!!
Happy crutches to you my darling!!!

Today, tomorrow and every day,
You can shine like the brightest star forever!
You can look like the magical notes of the cuckoo!
I wish you all the health and happiness on this crutch!!!


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