Happy Nag Panchami (02 August) Wishes, Quotes, Messages in Hindi, Marathi, English, Sanskrit

Published:Nov 17, 202311:08
Happy Nag Panchami (02 August) Wishes, Quotes, Messages in Hindi, Marathi, English, Sanskrit
Nag Panchami|Nag Panchami|

Happy Nag Panchami (21 August) Wishes, Quotes, Messages in Hindi, Marathi, English, Sanskrit : Naga Panchami is the traditional Hindu festival, celebrated in Shravana month of Hindu calendar. This is the auspicious festival of snakes that are considered as the symbol of Lord Shiva. Annual festival falls on the fifth day of Bright half of lunar month of Sharavana. People celebrated this festival all over India and also in neighbor country like as Nepal, Bhutan, China also. On the auspicious day people use artificial snake that are made of woolen, wood, silver and make a worship for their family welfare and blessings. Some snake charmer also flaunt original Cobra snakes to people and they also offer milk. Besides it Lord Shiva is also worshipped on the day. As the modern science this is the symbol of protection of wildlife and also religious symbol of Hindu culture. So friends, today is Naga Panchami and here are the Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Religious Greetings that you can share with your family members and one's close. Indian Festival & Events

Fast Facts of Nag Panchami, Highlights of Festival

EventNag Panchami 2023
TypeReligious, cultural event
Date21 August 2022 ( fifth day of Bright half of lunar month of Sharavana )
Observed byIndia, Nepal, China
Objectives To protect wildlife, worship of snakes as religious symbol of lord Shiva
Frequency Annual
Historical SignificanceHistorical day is connected with Hindu lord Shiva, religious day to conserve wildlife.
Activities on Day worship of snakes, religious faith for blessings of Cobra snake
Hashtags of Day #happynaagpanchami2023

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Nag Panchami Wishes, Quotes, Messages

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  • Happy Naga Panchami 2023 on the snake festival, may god bless your family on the most auspicious sharavana festival of Naga Panchami.
  • May this Naga Panchami bless you ultimate protection and blessings your family. Wishing Lord Shiva protect you ultimate love and affection from wildlife forever.
  • May lord Shiva uplift your soul and banish your all life hurdles on this auspicious snake festival day Naga Panchami.
  • May lord Shiva rain fortune and prosperity on Naga Panchami. You got health and wealth on this auspicious day Naga Panchami.
  • You got capabilities and strength everything you want in your life with the bless of Naga Panchami festival.


What is importance of Hindu festival Naga Panchami ?

On the religious festival people worship world's most dangerous snake Cobra and their species. It is believed that this will be protect their family from snake bites. It is also a wildlife protection.

Do Lord Shiva rider of all snakes ?

According to Purana and religious Hindu culture Lord Shiva wear snake in his neck, because of people related snakes with the Lord Shiva.

Why people celebrate Naga Panchami ?

In Hindu culture snakes are related with Lord Shiva and that reason that in Sharavana month snake also worshipped with lord Shiva.

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