Happy Vishu Bihu 2023, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Status, Images to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202311:06
Happy Vishu Bihu 2023, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Status, Images to Share
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Happy Vishu Bihu 2023, Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Status, Images to Share : Happy warmth wishes of Vishu Bihu 2023. New year of Bihu and Vishu is celebrating all over the country. This year this festival is coming on 14 April 2023. This is religious festival of South that is dedicated beginning of new year. Vishu is also known as 'FIRE' festival of India. In the different regions of country this festival is known with vivid pomp names like as Assam is called it Magh Bihu, Bhogali Bihu, where as Kerala and south regions called it with name of Vishu. So this festival inspires with new fresh hopes and innovation. Here are Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Status to share with your family and friends.

Happy Vishu Bihu Wishes, Quotes

  • Wishing you and your family the prosperity and joy of the Vishu. Happy vishu.
  • Vishu promises of a New beginning let this year give you all the happiness. Wishing you an auspicious day of Vishu.
  • On this day of vishu wishing you a beautiful year ahead. May all your dreams come true. Happy Vishu.
  • Spring arrived to fill your life with wealth  and abundance. May you have an exciting year ahead! Happy vishu.
Happy Vishu Bihu wishes

Warmth wishes to all of Good hopes and pomp year of Vishu 2023.

Happy Vishu Bihu 2022

Happy Beautiful Vishu, I wish you good health, peace and cheerful dreams of life to all.

Happy Vishu Bihu 2022 quotes

May all dreams will be true with grace of Lord Vishnu on this Vishu month. Happy Vishu, Bihu to all.

Happy Vishu Bihu 2022

Good fortune and prosperity fill your life with good hopes. Warmth wishes to all of Pomp of Vishu.

Cheerful celebrations of New Hopes and innovations spark your life with God divine blessings on Vishu Month.

Blessings, Greetings, Messages of Vishu Bihu 2023

Happy Vishu Bihu 2022
  • It is new year begging, horizon of prosperity come with good hopes to this new year. Happy Vishu to All.
  • This Vishu year, Sun radiate your life of pleasant dreams, wonderful hopes come in your feet.
  • Auspicious candles of wealth, sparkle its life in your family forever, Happy Bihu 2023.
  • May your life fill with Joy, Cheers, Pleasant peace, prosperity, health and Wealth on Vishu festival 2023.
  • May Clouds of wealth and health rain in your family forever.

Happy Vishu Bihu 2023 wishes in Malayalam

Are you excited about vishu? Want to make your loved ones day special? Why don’t you wish them good greetings of vishu? Let these beautiful wishes bring smiles to the faces and happiness to the mind.

Let’s send these Happy Vishu wishes in Malayalam and celebrate this festival with joyous enthusiasm.

  • Manasilundavate gramathin vishudiyum manavum mamathayum ithiri konnapoovum, vishukaniyum, vishu kaineetavum kali chirikalode oru vishu koodi varavayi…. Ellavarkum hridhayam niranja vishu aashamsakal .
  • Nirayemanikal ula ponn kingini charthiya konna pookal, manja pattudutha unni kannan, neeythiri nalathil jvalikuna vilakukal, pottu velariyum chakayum mangayum swarnavum velliyum vaal kanadiyum thalikayilakiyulla oru rathriyile kathirip varuna varshathinte Aishwaryathinte prayanamakatte…!
  • Ellavarkum snehathinte sahodaryathinte sambalsamruthiyudeyum nanma niranja oru vishukaalam ashamsikunu. Varuna varsham ellavidha Aishwaryangalum mangalangalum neerunu…!
  • Enikavathile pookathirikan, enikavathile kanikonnayale, vishukalamale pookathirikan enikavathile mattoru vishuvumayi medamasam vannethi Aishwaryathinteyum samrudhiyudeyum sandhoshathinteyum oru vishu neerunu…!
  • Ormakal koodukutiya manasinte thalir chilayil, ponin niramula orayiram ormakalumayi oru vishukalam koodi….!


When is Vishu Jayanti in 2023 ?

This year auspicious Vishu Jayanti is on 14 April.

What is significance of Vishu festival ?

This festival is celebrated by the farmers of Kerala. Accoding to South India rituals it is best to plough fields on Vishu Jayanti.

What outfits are adorned on Vishu festival ?

On Vishu festival, women love to adorn themselves with gold ornaments. Men wear the traditional 'Mundu' along with khadi shirts.

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