Happy World Architecture Day (2023) Wishes, Quotes, Theme, Greetings, Status to Share on World Art

Published:Nov 17, 202322:37
Happy World Architecture Day (2023) Wishes, Quotes, Theme, Greetings, Status to Share on World Art

Happy World Architecture Day : A art is the curiosity creative think that take forms in beautiful art. World Architecture Day, every yea is celebrated on 03 October to promote creative artists and art industry. This is the sustainable step to enhance reach to develop dedicated art in different cities in world. There are many places across the world like as Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, where many events, festivals are celebrated. On the special day architects present their innovative ideas and projects to promote this industry. Many Award and reward also conferred to winners on the World Architecture Day. The first event of World Architecture Day was held in Barcelona between 2008 to 2011.

World architecture day is the project of future art and all creative art depends on innovative artists. There are many voluntarists who also contribute their knowledge on this amazing festival. Recently last WAF was held in Amsterdam and best building of the year was listed "World Building of the Year" (WOHA) Architects - Kampung Admiralty, Singapore, Singapore". Architecture art is so old that the first evidence this art was appeared in Neolithic period about 10000 to 2000 B.C. In the ancient era of WAD this art was constructed by the stone, tree trunks reeds, clay and this timber post. In the present era Europe and south east is the greatest work and experience of filmi world. So friends here are the Happy World Architecture Day (2023) Wishes, Quotes, Theme, Greetings, Status to Share on World Art.

World Architecture Day 2023 Quick Highlights

Event World Architecture Day
Date03 October
Observed by International Union of Architects (UIA)
Significanceto appreciate the great architectural works of the ancient and modern world
1st observation2008, Barcelona
1st known architectsPyramid of Djoser (2667–2678 B.C.)
2021 ThemeClean Environment for a Healthy World

World Architecture Day 2023 Theme

World Architecture Day 2023 Theme is Architecture for Resilient Communities that focuses on Design for Health and the Union’s commitment to use evidence-based design to promote health in buildings and cities.

World Architecture Day Quotes

World Architecture Day Quotes

Architecture is the passion of patient, confidence and hope, thousand people's hope depend on the foundation of buildings, it is the beauty of mind that test.

"The hope of future" is the single word that explains the gorgeous buildings of art. Good construction is the art of innovative mind, we salute this vivid art on World Architecture Day 2023.

All measurements are too lesser in compare of constructive art, one's go high on basis of imaginations that is foundation of architecture.

Everything is possible is the core of World Architecture day, historical events tells that Architecture is not an inspirational business, it's a rational procedure to do sensible and hopefully beautiful things; that's all.

Architecture is the vision of imaginations.

Best Architecture Designs


When World Architecture Day is celebrated ?

World Architecture Day is celebrated on 03 October, every year by UIA.

What is theme World Architecture Day 2023 ?

World Architecture Day 2023 theme is Architecture for Resilient Communities.

Best architecture of World ?

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

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