International Whores' (Sex Workers) Day 2023 Theme| Quotes| Wishes| Inspiration to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:47
International Whores' (Sex Workers) Day 2023 Theme| Quotes| Wishes| Inspiration to Share
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International Sex Workers Day: World Whores' or Sex Workers day is indication of indulge sex society and it's exploited condition that is exist everywhere in world. This is annual annual awareness day that focuses a hidden pain in exploited sex working circumstances. The aim to celebration this hopefully day is to mitigate inhumane working circumstances and provide sex workers' fundamental rights, security etc. First time this day was observed on 02nd June 1995 and purpose to inaugurate this day was to draw attention that people work in force, and lost their dignity, heart in lack of basic necessitates. In 1975 hundred plus sex workers came in to Saint-Nizier Church in Lyon, France expressing their frustration and worse situation in front of public and it was beginning to raise voice against human trafficking. After it, ISWD was formatted as a volunteer organization in 1995 to mitigate illegal sex and provide human rights to every sex worker. So friends, today in this article we will know about International Whores' Day 2023 History, Wikipedia, Theme, Significance, Objective to celebration, Inspirational Quotes, Wishes, Greetings that you can share with your friends and close one's.

World Whores' Day 2023 Wikipedia, History, Significance

  • Event- World Whores' Day 2023
  • Type- Awareness, Social
  • Celebration Date- 02 June
  • Significance- criminalize to human trafficking and illegal sex activities globally and provide human right support to sex worker
  • Objective- to mitigate unlawful sex activities and establish harmony relation with sex worker
  • First celebration- 02 June 1995
  • Parent Organization- ISWD
  • Statue-  Oude Kerk in the De Wallen red-light Amsterdam
  • Related Day- International Sex Worker Day
  • Frequency- Annual
  • Next observation- 02 June 2024
  • Related Keywords- Human Trafficking, Sex worker right, Awareness illegal sex activities

International Whores' Sex Workers' Day 2023 Theme

International Whores' or Sex Worker day 2023 theme is focus on “Sex Workers' Health: From Surviving to Thriving,”. Theme introduces severe health concerns and exploitation of sex worker physical and mental health. They are frustrated and exploited in different stages of social and economic conditions. There are many social and financial issues that make them more pitiable and criminalize to work like as extreme poverty, defame in society, health concern and force to work. So theme is also indication that we should come together to finish social worse our beautiful society.

10 Inspiring Quotes on International Sex Workers Day 2023

There is a hidden voice in red light streets that suppressed anywhere in world, that is voice of sex workers.

How we can be proud on ourselves, to exploit our beautiful society in addicted sex whores and illegal trafficking.

It is not a individual person responsibility, it is vital responsibility of whole community to provide them their human rights and live to freedom on national and international level.

There is silence in street but same time a criness occurs in world, that is not listened by our society.

Happy International Sex Workers Day to all, to mitigate illegal human trafficking and establish a silence everywhere in world.

It is remembrance day to raise their voice and mitigate their fury, frustration, poverty, tense, anguish that is hidden in dim light of rooms.

How we can expect that our children flourish in a good society, where a grief of sex worker always cries.

Sex labor and prostitutions are not interest but it is fury of our society, let's we also mitigate this worse forever.

It is time to support their voice and come together with them for a sustainable development and welfare of society.

Sex workers are also human beings and part of our beautiful community, don't exploit their human rights.

Sex Workers Day Posters

Warmth Greetings, Slogans Status World Whores' Day 2023

A small campaign and help can improve their social circumstance, they also want to live with dignity and fame but it is not possible without our support.

Illegal sex activities are the black spot for our society and community, how we can safe from these criminals who have exploited many people live already.

It is great pain and concern that will exploit every person in our houses also, let's come together to mitigate forever.

It is our irony that we can't provide human rights and freedom our women and society.

Let's come together to finish these social worse forever to provide contributions to improve their mental and physical health.


On which date International Whores Day is celebrated ?

02 June

How many girls are indulged in sex activities globally ?

According to global survey there are 40 and 42 million teen and women who are indulged sex activities and prostitution globally.

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