World Neutrality Day 2024 Wishes | Quotes| Theme| Greetings to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:41
Updated on:Mar 27, 2024
World Neutrality Day 2024 Wishes | Quotes| Theme| Greetings to Share
World Neutrality Day 2024

World Neutrality Day 2024 Wishes| Quotes| Theme| Greetings to Share : World Neutral Day every year is observed on 12 December in the world to aware people about the peace and not to take action in war, conflicts and belligerent circumstances. This is significant day that informs people that there is no benefit of war, try to abstain from adverse activities that is adverse peace and fraternity and great example of neutrality is shown by Switzerland who was the country who did not participated in both world war. The first time this day was celebrated by UN General Assembly in February 2017 to establish peace and harmonious relations among the countries. Besides it to implement neutrality across world a convention also hold in Hague in 1907. Motive to celebrate this day is to spread awareness about the fraternity and to protect human rights. Switzerland and Turkmenistan was the country who implemented this wonderful day first time in its country in the world. So friends today in this article we will know about the World Neutrality Day 2024 Wiki, Biography, History, Significance, Wishes, Quotes, Theme, Greetings, Posters, Status, Slogans, that you can share with your close one's.

Brief Wiki Biography Highlights World Neutrality Day

International Day of Neutrality
World Neutrality Day
World Earth Day Concept. Green Energy, ESG, Renewable and Sustainable Resources. Environmental and Ecology Care. Hands of People Embracing Green Leaf and Handmade Globe
Event Name World Neutrality Day 2024
Type Peace, Awareness
Observe date 12 December
Observe by UN, Globally
Significance Enhance reach fraternity, harmonious, affection, peace and security to abstain from the war conflict etc.
1st Observation February 2017
Parent Organisation United Nation General Assembly
Celebration Fireworks, Music concerts
Related to Peace, Tranquility

International Neutrality Day 2024 Theme

Theme of International Neutrality Day 2022 focuses to Preventive diplomacy" This theme also aware people that silence and calm the richness of a country. Political tension and escalating violation is dangerous for a sovereignty of a country. So it is mandatory increase a optimistic approach of peace globally.

World Neutrality Day Wishes, Quotes, Greetings

International Day of Neutrality
World Earth Day. ESG concept of environmental, Environmental and Ecology Care. Hand Holding Green Globe.

This is the day to protect human rights, peace, tranquility, integrity and sovereignty of a country. Let's adopt this day as the symbol of tranquility on this significant day World Neutrality Day 2024.

Every citizen is human, he want to live with peace, do not change this natural law of nature, live with peace....this world is beautiful gift of nature don't disturb it for selfish reasons.

We are humans, it is universal truth.....we are not part of conflict, war....protect human voice and freedom on this significant day of International Neutrality Day 2024.

Why this tension is increasing and why this can't be change in harmony.... everyone has right to live with peace and freedom..... why we are fighting with each other.

War and Conflict is not option the peace this disturb fraternity of country, please never and ever promote these illegal activities.


On which date International Neutrality Day is observed ?

12 December

Who is father of peace and fraternity in the world ?

Pop Francis, Mahatma Buddha, is the father of tranquility and peace in the world.

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