Happy World Metrology Day 2023 Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Greetings| Significant Facts to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:47
Happy World Metrology Day 2023 Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Greetings| Significant Facts to Share
Happy World Metrology Day

Happy World Metrology Day: Every year World Metrology Day is celebrated as a event of contribution of all community that work to enhance reach of measurements in national and international metrology organizations and their prestigious institutes throughout the whole financial year. This is basic foundation to measurement in which all world people's can recognize and consider international measurements utility. Every year this hopefully program is celebrated on 20 May and as the parent organization BIPM and OIML are institutions that controls and operates it's work. First time this day was celebrated in 2018 when a united organization come together to celebrate this day with its international prototype of kilogram and plank constant. OIML was also established as Intergovernmental organization to enhance awareness and promote meter and its units globally. So Friends, today in this article we will know about World Metrology Day 2023 Wikipedia, History, Significance, Wishes, Quotes, Theme, Greetings, Status that you can share with your friends and close one's.

Wikipedia, History Facts World Metrology Day

Event World Metrology Day
TypeAwareness, Science
Celebrate date20 May 2023
Significanceworldwide developed a unique structure of measurements and harmonize its regulations and proper strategy of implementation globally
1st Observation2018
Parent organizationInternational Organization of Legal Metrology
International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)
Convention20 May 1875 Metre Convention
ActivitiesGlobal campaigning to enhance reach science and its measurement globally,
convention and meetings on Science units and future challenges
Next observation20 May 2024
Hashtags of day#worldmetrologyday2023

World Metrology Day 2023 - Measurements Supporting the Global Food System

World Metrology Day 2023 theme revolves about climate change and its adverse effects on whole community. During 2023 year there are many adverse effects and future climate changes emerged, so it is necessary to take action for a sustainable development. It is time to support global food system and its measurement. According to global survey there will be 8.5 billion plus population that will exist in world till 2023, so it is necessary to control our food system to reach every person. So 2023 theme is the global effort to maintain our food system and measurements.

Inspirational Wishes, Quotes, Messages World Metrology Day 2023

  • It is time to measurements support on global food system and its supply to save our whole community. Happy World Metrology Day 2023.
  • Increasing food challenges and adverse climate challenges are really concern for our global food system, let's take a responsibility to save it.
  • World Metrology Day is global effort to united the human races and resolve their problems with proper science prospects, let's we also contribute it.
  • It is not responsibility only OIML and BIPM, it is challenge that will be resolve from every person responsibility and commitment.
  • On the significant day let's generate a vital reach international and national prototypes of measurements on this historical day of world metrology day 2023.
  • International Units and standards are indication of advance future and resolution that will be milestone for whole global community.
  • We support global uniformity of measurements that is united effort to focus everyone attention on measurements and its utility.

Best Greetings, Status, Slogans, Wallpapers International Metrology Day 2023

  • We support our planet system and it's healthy environment, 2023 theme is focus to conserve our planet system, let's we also contribute to make it more healthier.
  • Why every person is ignoring the climate changes and its drastically effects, it is necessary to save our environment for a sustainable development of human community.
  • Global collaboration in the science of measurement can help our science measurements and its sustainable development. Wish you all Happy World Metrology Day forever.
  • We support BIPM and OIML united efforts for a progressive development in science and technology.
  • Our aim is provide a uniformity to measure science invention and its global effort to improvement.


On which date World Metrology Day is celebrated ?

20 May

What is Theme World Metrology Day 2023 ?

Measurements Supporting the Global Food System

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