Tips of Video Marketing

Published:Nov 17, 202322:52
Tips of Video Marketing
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Since 2016, the number of companies using video as a marketing tool increased by 41%. That is the conclusion shared by Wyzowl. Today there are already more than 85% of them – that is a large part of the market. Why is it in such high demand?


Video has an impact on hearing, vision and emotions of the audience at the same time.


Video clips allow you to tell about the features of the product, to bring the impression of the product closer to reality. You can show how a product is made, how it functions, reviews.


Video is a universal format which is suitable for any social network. You can run a commercial on Facebook and Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other platforms. This can also include not only social networks: mobile applications, video hostings, information and entertainment sites – video advertising is appropriate everywhere. Users can express their opinion about a product almost immediately by writing a review or rating it.

In this article we will talk about the basic video marketing rules that will help you to avoid big mistakes and not to waste your budget.

1. Set up a Goal

It is clear that we are motivated by growth and profit, but in video marketing we need to think strategically. In addition, you have to start gradually, so the goal may look like like this:

  • Getting subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • Creating promotional videos for social networks
  • Developing a series of branded videos to spread the awareness
  • Posting a video about the company on a website to raise conversions

Either way, each business has its own objectives. But a plan of action needs to be on paper. So the number one task is to set a clear goal for your video marketing.

2. Audience’s Interest

Any marketing is based on understanding your target audience. So you need to be clear: who will watch your videos? Who are these people? Why should they be interested in your creation? What action should they take?

Keep in mind that video marketing is built primarily in the interests of clients. The best format for communicating and getting to know your audience is streaming (live streaming on YouTube, Twitch, etc.).

3. Promotion

You know your aims, you know who your customers are and where they are, you know who will be involved in the production.

It just has to figure out a strategy to promote your videos. And that’s because there’s no point in doing it without a promotion. The cost will depend on the advertising platform, the duration of the advertising campaign and many other factors. The budget is required, just think of it as an investment and a long term plan.

When you work on promoting videos on social networks, you can use an inexpensive tool – SMM Panel. So, for example, the site Viewsta provides services to promote more than 10 social networks. You can buy youtube views, likes, subscribers, comments for videos on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and others. The secret of social networks is that popularity grows like a snowball: the more views, comments and other activity you have, the faster the video reaches the top.

4. Money

Obviously, in order to incorporate a video into your company, you have to make one. This is based on the goals that you have defined. For example, if it’s a branded video, it’s better to get a professional studio or video marketing company to produce it. If you want to post videos for your own channels, you need to find editors and copywriters.

In addition, you need equipment and programming software for production, and that’s a special topic. But get ready to invest.

By following this advice, you’ll build a strong foundation for hypothesis formation, hypothesis testing, and video effectiveness. But don’t forget that the most important part is the content. No matter how hard you try to produce and promote, if your videos aren’t interesting, they won’t be watched.

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