[VIRAL VIDEO] Depicting A Simulation Of A Head Transplant Could Become A Reality In the Future

Published:May 25, 202422:09
Updated on:May 25, 2024
[VIRAL VIDEO] Depicting A Simulation Of A Head Transplant Could Become A Reality In the Future

Nowadays, kidney, liver, lungs, heart, and bone marrow transplants are possible with a high rate of survival. Despite the complexity, there haven't been any successful head or brain transplants.

In the past, attempts have been made to accomplish this impossible task. Dr. Robert White and his team at Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital attempted to transplant an ape's head into a monkey's body in 1970.

The ape survived for a week but had regained its sensory function. In the US, BrainBridge, a neuroscience and biomedical engineering startup, is working on this. Startup plans to develop the first head transplant system in the world by going where no one has gone before.

Groundbreaking Video Shows Potential Future of Head Transplants Robots perform the head transplant procedure on two robotic bodies in a viral video posted on social media. 

Since the project has been hush-hush, the company now wants the world to know more about it. For patients living with cancer, paralysis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other terminal diseases, this startup offers new hope. The goal is to preserve consciousness, memories, and cognitive abilities by transplanting the patient's head into a brain-dead donor body.

The video has also shocked many people who see it as playing God. 

Commenter @azgh54kk9 asked: “The bodies come from consenting donors, right? ” This is a very valid ethical question whenever this procedure becomes a reality.

Another user, @Baybbie, said that urgent regulations are needed for this type of research: “Young people are about to start going missing to keep some old money and their family forever young.” A third user, @Irokutara, said: “Lucky us, this technology is impossible. 

We are closer to displaced consciousness devices than we are to head transplants.”

There has not been much response from the scientific community.

Also, BrainBridge is not the first company to work in this field. Several companies like Neurable, Emotiv, Kernel, and NextMind are working to develop brain-computer interface technology.

The most recent has been Elon Musk’s company Neuralink, which recently implanted a computer chip in the brain of a quadriplegic man. BrainBridge is the brainchild of Hashem Al-Ghaili, and he plans to use high-speed robotic systems to prevent brain cell degradation and ensure seamless compatibility between the transplanted head and donor body.

 According to Al-Ghaili, cutting-edge AI algorithms will direct the surgical robots to precisely reconnect the spinal cord, along with the nerves and blood vessels.

 In the words of Al-Ghaili, “Every step of the BrainBridge concept has been carefully thought out based on extensive scientific research. Our goal is to push the boundaries of medical science and provide innovative solutions for those battling life-threatening conditions.” Hashem Al-Ghaili is a Yemeni science communicator and film director who gained fame in 2022 when he made a viral video called “EcoLife” about artificial wombs.

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