This Giant Rudolph Inflatable Might Be Taller Than Your House

Published:Nov 17, 202319:36
This Giant Rudolph Inflatable Might Be Taller Than Your House
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If you're the rare person who looks forward to that annual day when it's time to decorate a home for the holidays, when it's the season for untangling strands of lights and pulling out extension cords and hoping you don't get electrocuted, who's competitive about having the most eye-catching light display on the block—well then do we have the product that will set your lawn apart. It's this unbelievably massive Rudolph inflatable.

The 15' Inflatable Rudolph

The lawn ornament, available exclusively at Hammacher Schlemmer, stands at 15 feet tall—which is nearly two stories high. LED lights illuminate his body, tail, neck, and of course the red nose, and the head waves back and forth. An air pump is integrated to inflate the thing in three minutes, and it's made of tear-resistant polyester. Stakes are included, as are 20 foot tethers (!!).

Even the belly of Rudolph stands at five feet tall, meaning kids and shorter folks can actually walk clear underneath the guy. You could stare out your upstairs bedroom window and look right into his polyester face. It's so cool that you might actually wind up with strangers stopping their cars to take selfies with Rudy.

But here's a question that only you can answer, if you're a parent: Will this delight your kiddo(s), or scare the crap out of them? Then you can proceed accordingly with purchase and installation. For a slightly less eerie inflatable, you might consider Frosty or everyone's favorite profane pal, Clark Griswold. Or you might reconsider this entire look to begin with.

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