Shri Krishna Quotes: Wishes in Bhagavad-Gita to Inspire your Soul

Published:Nov 17, 202319:59
Shri Krishna Quotes: Wishes in Bhagavad-Gita to Inspire your Soul

Shri Krishna Quotes: Wishes in Bhagavad-Gita to Inspire your Soul: God of purity, Compassion, Creation, Protection is only one in Hinduism and that is Shri Krishna. According to Purans and Vedas he is the creator of the world and whole universe revolves around his energy. He is the universal power and nothing can exist without it's aura, there is no human being intelligence who can know its power, he is born, death, and existence. The lord of universe only can feel and there is no verse and books who can narrate her intellectual power that is Shri Krishna. According to Mahabharata he was born in Mathura, Sursena Uttar Pradesh India and Panini is the ancient writings in which he was described and worshipped near 5th century BCE. So friends in this article we will know about the Shri Krishna Wikipedia, History, Significance, Born, Inspirational Quotes, Wishes, Messages on Life and Death that will inspire your Soul.

Shri Krishna Names:-

  1. Bhagwan
  2. Paramatma
  3. Jagatpita
  4. Kanha
  5. Govinda
  6. Murlidhar
  7. Madhav
  8. Mukunda
  9. Hari
  10. Purushottam

Shri Krishna Wikipedia, Biography Highlights

DevoteeShri Krishna
NicknamesVasudeva, Shri Radhe, Gopal
Related to Hinduism God
Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
BornMathura, Vrindavan Uttar Pradesh
ParentDevaki (mother),
Vasudeva (father)
Related NovelBhagavad-Gita
SpouseRadha, Rukmani
Related traditionVaishnava

Shri Krishna Inspirational Quotes, Messages, Greetings

"Hey, Arjun there is no hell or heaven, it is only depends what is your beliefs and Ideas about yourself, if you are winner in your soul there is no other person in the universe that can defeat you."

Shri Krishna Inspirational Quotes

"Everything depends on Karma, only one thing that man can change that is present, irony it is that every person is worried about past and future."

"When devotion and faith are high then miracles happen by themselves"

Shri Krishna Quotes

"Increase the ability to judge a person, otherwise be ready to be cheated"

Shri Krishna Quotes download

"O Krishna and whether anyone believes it or not, I believe that as long as you are with me, everything is with me."

Shri Krishna images

"If you are right, don't try to prove something right, just be right, time will give testimony."

Shri Krishna wishes

"It is very comforting to cry sitting where there is no one to listen except Krishna"

Shri Krishna Quotes 2023

"How proud are those who have knowledge, how proud are those who have knowledge"

"As much as he is making you wait, when the time comes, he will give so much that you will not even be able to handle it."

"We are not big the power behind us is big"

"Unnecessary worry and it is like a disease which takes away your soul power."

"Friendship is necessary, relationship is also necessary, but every difficult situation in life shows that the art of being alone is also necessary."

"Don't worry what didn't happen, I will do what you didn't think"

"Not being discouraged is the root of success and true happiness is what motivates a man in his work and enthusiasm makes his work successful."

"Who is doing what, how is he doing, why is he doing, the more you stay away from all these, the happier you will be."

"A man can only be as big as he thinks"

"God never punishes us, only our deeds punish us, so do your deeds wisely."

"No matter how much the trends of the world change, we have never seen truth defeated by lies."

"Do everything with the best compassion and kind view, if you are murderer it is also best but do it with purity and kindness view. "

"Do anything in life just remember one thing if truth is with you then god is with you"

"A silent and peaceful mind can create this universe and also destruct whole worse, so Arjun always find out what is the point where only and only you exist."

"Nothing is permanent, everything is momentary, it may be your respect, dignity, ego, proud, money and so all."

Enlighten Motivational Bhagavad-Gita Quotes to inspire your Soul

Why you are in sorrow, everything you have got from here, and everything you have lost here, you come here alone and also will go alone.

There is nothing in which you feel proud Arjun, your physical body is also belongs to others, so why you are feeling so egoist.

Everything is best, only one thing that you can not done, is worse otherwise everything that you can do with passion and silence is best.

The soul neither can be born and no death, it only can be feel, don't worry, you are universal and a part of this beautiful universe.

Set your heart on you do everything, don't feel angry, no live in happiness only live in neutral because it is the state in which you can recognize yourself.

Positive Energetic Messages by Shri Krishna to Revive Energy

What is best or worse a person can not decide, he can only play role on basis of present circumstances, so always do best in the present.

Only one thing that can kill everything in universe is Time, it is the universal clock that every second kills human beings and every living things.

There is no power in money, it may provide you luxurious state that is totally defined by you, how a thing may be luxurious that is momentary.

All is false only one thing and that is your Karma, so do well and best according to truth.

The mind views are fickle, it disturbs your concentration, so be calm and silent with purity, try to recognize the truth on basis of silence.

Interesting Facts about Shri Krishna

  • Shri Krishna is believed to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and is one of the most popular and widely worshipped Hindu gods.
  • He was born in Mathura and grew up in Vrindavan, where he is said to have performed many miracles, such as lifting Mount Govardhan and killing the demon Kansa.
  • Krishna is also known for his divine love for Radha, which is said to represent the highest form of devotion.
  • The Bhagavad Gita, one of Hinduism’s most important religious texts, is attributed to him.
  • He is often depicted as a baby or young boy playing a flute, which is believed to have a soothing effect on both humans and animals.
  • Shri Krishna is also believed to be the source of all knowledge, and is said to have revealed many of the spiritual truths that form the basis of Hinduism.


Who is Shri Krishna in Hindu religion ?

According to Hindu religion he is creator, destructor and preserver of this world. Entire world is part of him.

How many Queens Shri Krishna has in Mahabharata ?

Besides eight principal queens (Ashtabharya), it is believed that he has 16,100 or 16,108 women in different scriptures.

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