Saloni Singh Biography, Wiki, Age, Income, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend and More

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Updated on:Dec 1, 2023
Saloni Singh Biography, Wiki, Age, Income, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend and More
Saloni Singh Biography

On social media, the famous Saloni Singh is always in the discussion Many people follow Saloni on YouTube and Instagram That's why today we are going to talk about Saloni Singh's Untold Story Saloni Singh is a model, Instagram star, YouTuber, ex-TikToker, content creator and social media influencer He started his career after TikTok  In a very short time, he had more than 11 million followers on TikTok That's why he became famous after TikTok During that time,

Saloni also made his own YouTube channel Friends, Saloni puts videos of roasting on YouTube After TikTok got banned, Saloni came to Instagram Today, he has millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram Saloni has put the username of his social media platform, Saloni Yagpa Friends,Also Read: Nivetha Thomas Biography Wiki

Today Saloni is becoming a popular influencer through social media Friends, Saloni was born in Bihar on July 2, 2002 But he spent most of his time in West Bengal For now, Saloni lives in Bengaluru If we talk about his age, Saloni Singh is 20 years and 3 months old  There are 4 members in Saloni's family In his family, Also read: Pooja Hegde Age, Quotes

there is a mother, father and a younger brother Saloni's father works as a government employee That's why he keeps changing Saloni's mother is a housewife His brother's name is Rishabh and he is a student Friends, Saloni Singh has graduated in studies  He has done his school studies from DAV Public School, Midnapore After that, Saloni has completed his graduation from Bengaluru He has completed his graduation from BA Journalism Friends, Will Smith Wiki, Biography, Career Struggle, Wife, Girlfriend Affairs, Quotes

If we talk about his career Saloni Singh has become very popular as a social media influencer There are two YouTube channels in Saloni  One of them has millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram There are millions of subscribers on his other channel Apart from this, he has also worked in Punjabi Sog Naam 13 Saloni has reached 1.2 million views on this song Friends, this is how Saloni is progressing rapidly as a social media influencer  Friends,

Category Details
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 52 kg
Age 20
Marital Status Not married
Relationships Not currently in a relationship
Focus Studies and career
Aspiration Actress in Bollywood
Income Sources YouTube, modeling, music videos, brand endorsements, promotions
Monthly Income Lakhs of rupees
Social Media Instagram: 1.5M followers, YouTube: 1.93M & 2.63M subscribers
Instagram Username SaloniYapaF
Favorites Actor: Varun Dhawan, Actress: Deepika Padukone
Favorite Color White
Hobbies Acting, modeling
Favorite Destinations Mumbai, Goa
Favorite Food Paneer Tikka, Pani Puri
Favorite Games Cricket, Football
Favorite Player Mahindra Singh Dhoni
Favorite Dancer Nora Fatehi
Favorite Singer Shreya Ghoshal
Favorite Influencer Mr. Faizu

f we talk about his followers There are 1.5 million followers on Saloni's Instagram account  The username of his Instagram account is SaloniYapaF Apart from this, he has 1.93 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel He has 2.63 million subscribers on his other channel Friends,

if we talk about his preferences Saloni's favorite actor is Varun Dhawan And his favorite actor is Deepika Padukone  His favorite color is white Acting and modeling is Saloni Singh's hobby And his favorite destination places are Mumbai and Goa Paneer Tikka Saloni's favorite food is Pani Puri His favorite game is cricket and football Mahindra Singh Dhoni is Saloni's favorite player And his favorite dancer is Nora Fatehi Friends,

Saloni Singh Photos

Saloni Singh Photos

Saloni Singh Photos

Saloni Singh Photos

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Q. Why is Saloni Singh aka Saloniyaapa so popular?

Ans. Roasting videos

 Ans.In Bihar

 Ans.21 yrs old

 Ans. Dhiru Monchik (Roumers)

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