Obverse and Reverse of Casual Dating

Published:Dec 22, 202323:49
Obverse and Reverse of Casual Dating
Casual Dating

Even though most people have a pretty rigid opinion about casual dating, the attitude often changes with relationship status. Depending on the situation, casual relationships are enjoyed, frowned upon, envied, or stigmatized. Some take it almost philosophically seriously, making all sorts of psychological arguments, beneficial or detrimental, for or against casual dating. Others just enjoy the process and its benefits. But if you still can’t decide whether you support or oppose it and whether you should try it, let’s look at both the positive and negative sides of no-strings-attached relationships.

It Is Not Easy to Find Casual Dates

For or against, most people prefer to hide the fact that they meet someone for intimate dates every now and then. This, in turn, makes the process of seeking casual partners time-consuming and complex. If you dare to approach someone on the street and offer no-strings fun out of the blue, in a best-case scenario, you will be asked to leave. In the worst case, they will probably call the police. A safer way also exists: you can meet someone in a bar or club, exchange numbers, get to know each other over time, and only then offer dating without commitment. But this takes an enormous amount of time and still doesn’t guarantee that the person will want to have a casual relationship with you.

But Dating Sites Are a Game-Changer

However, not all hope is lost as online dating comes into play. Can’t find someone willing to have a casual relationship in your area, no matter how hard you try? Or maybe you are just too shy to approach anyone? Searching the web and finding the service where one can meet a one night stand girl can solve all your troubles at once. First of all, these platforms gather single people interested in casual dates in one place. It means you don’t have to guess whether someone you find attractive wants no-strings fun – they do! Second, given that online dating is accessible in any corner of the globe, you can find casual partners no matter where you live. And last but not least, who said you must settle for less? Using built-in filters, you can choose what your future partners will look like to ensure you have the best experience with the hottest singles in your city.

Lack of Obligations Can Be Fun

In fact, that’s the aspect that lures most people into casual dating in the first place. Whether casual encounters are a part of your lifestyle or you just don’t have enough time for a proper relationship and want to let off steam once in a while, the lack of any obligations makes casual dating addicting. It almost feels like you are playing a game with no rules included, and this is what makes you want to play more and more. Sex is an integral part of our lives, and when you can get it any time without having to commit, it’s hard to say no.

But You Can Catch Unwanted Feelings

Still, no matter how much fun it is, there’s obviously a fly in the ointment – you can end up catching feelings for your casual partner. It especially applies to the cases when you have one so-called “friend with benefits.” It is proven that regular sex with the same person causes attachment, which leads to the development of romantic feelings. Even if you are one hundred percent sure of yourself and know that this has never happened to you, your next sex partner can turn your life upside down. This is also why most people in casual relationships eventually part on bad terms. Most of the time, a person with romantic feelings either starts demanding something more serious from their partner or runs away scared without explaining themselves.

No Need for Family Introductions 

Why go through the long and stressful process of introducing your partner to your parents and friends if the only thing that connects you with this person is sex? That’s right, there’s no need for that. You don’t have to let anyone know that you have a friend with benefits, even if you meet on a regular basis. Casual partners come and go, so you can keep your relationships a secret if you feel more comfortable doing so.

But There Are Some Sexual Risks

Obviously, having casual sex is not only about pleasure but also about risks directly related to your health. If you’re already practicing casual relationships, you probably know the importance of using condoms and being regularly checked for STDs. But if you are only planning to try it out, you’ll have to learn the basics before you start looking for dates. Never neglect condoms because the consequences of even one tiniest mistake can be fatal. Remember that the outcome of your sexual adventures depends on anyone but you. And never hesitate to ask for documents confirming that your partner has also been tested for STDs recently because, as practice shows, it can save both you and them.

So, what do you think? Does the game worth the candle? We hope so because when done right, casual dating can be extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health!

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