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Khalil Gibran Wiki, Biography, Famous Books, Philosophy Theory, Quotes, Wishes : Khalil Gibran a famous author, poet, and Philosopher of Lebanon country. He was a multi talented personality, who also worked in celebrity world and film industry. He was the famous author, there are many books are written by Khalil in 19 th centaury world. He was born of January 6, 1882 in small country Bsharri, Lebanon. His father name was Kamila Gibran.

Khalil was a multitalented celebrity who skilled in painting, writing, and Philosophy also. In the childhood life Khalil mother took him in US where he achieved her basic education. As a great philosophy theory he isolated from U.K. But Khalil wrote many books on philosophy and finally he achieved the success in visual writing. He rest her body on 10 April 1931, New York city Unites States.

Khalil Gibran Famous Books

Khalil was a celebrity and with this skill she learned writing skill also. There are many books are written and best movies are also created on the books philosophy. Here are the famous books created by Kahlil Gibran-

  • The Prophet (1923)
  • Broken Wings (1912)
  • The Madman (1918)
  • Sand and Foam (1926)
  • and Spirits Rebellious (1908)

Khalil Gibran Wiki, Biography

NameKhalil Gibran
Born 6 January 1882
Death10 April 1931
Profession(s)Poet, Celebrity, Philosopher
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Motivational Quotes by Khalil Gibran

If you Know the turth will be exposed in front of people to remove the darkness of mind.

There are many people that want to live with orthodox theories but they will be removed forever.

Some inspiration of happiness, is the part of your sorrows.

If you know the skill of writing then you can change in the world, Knowledge is the music that enchanted any persons with you.

All the persons of universe like as beggars, some begs out of temples and some begs from in temples. So there are not rich in world.

Only one person is rich the world lives in neutral, and it called the concentration of rest.

Friendship is a relation that lives whole life, with the poorness, richness, prosperity, doesn't matter.

If you feel the inspiration to write something within you, then these things should be in you- 1. Knowledge of art, 2. Knowledge of music of words and 3. Magic of captivating listeners.

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