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International Thanks Day is celebrated on January 11th of each year. "Thank you" is a word we hear regularly. It's the same as other words to us. Well, what does it mean to even think about a Thank-you? In our everyday lives, we use more than a million words each day and think around 6,200 thoughts.

Since childhood, we are taught to say "Thank-you", "Sorry" and many other words as a response to a certain situation. We have so much going on in our minds. First is the jumble of thoughts then our reaction to each of them and finally what comes out of our mouth. This doesn’t allow us to ponder on the feeling that we should be holding while saying a Thank-you. Are we aware of why no food in the world can taste like the food our mother prepares? This is because not only does she put the ingredients in it but also her love. This reference makes us understand why some people’s words hit differently. It is important to ponder on that feeling of gratitude.

A person’s words show how they have grown up. And as a reminder for us to remember the importance of it, Thank-you day came into existence.

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As long as we go back in history there’s hardly anything said about the person who invented this day. Whoever it might be, we are pretty sure he/she must be a very thoughtful and happy person. No one knows since when this day has been celebrated. Telling someone a thank you is knowing and acknowledging someone’s efforts.

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”-ECKHART TOLLE

This brings us to this culture that’s followed in Korea, no not North Korea but the "South" one. It looks that feeling grateful is truly a part of their lives. For example, whenever they see someone finish their work the other people will be like "감사합니다고생을많이하셨어요". Which means "Thank you, you worked really hard". Another example would be when Korean people thank their mothers on their birthday telling them "낳아줘서고마워". This means "Thank you for giving birth to me."

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It’s so fascinating and the more we think about it the more it makes sense. Knowing that your child understands what tremendous pain you went through to give birth to them and is thankful to you is comforting. It would feel awesome if you work hard throughout the day and someone tells you that they appreciate and are thankful for it.

A legend once said, “Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.”.

Is it incorrect? No, it isn’t. Being thankful to someone and not expressing it to them can lead to the feeling of indebtedness. And it's obvious that we will avoid that person. In case of the benefactor, he may feel unappreciated and ignored this might lead to the deterioration of the relationship. On the flip side, when we express our feelings we feel much happier and fuller. Surely the other person will feel appreciated and will be motivated to help you in the future too.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."-William Arthur Ward

As we grow up we realize the impact of good manners on people’s personalities. A person who doesn’t use phrases like ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ is straight away seen as a jerk and there’s always a good reason for it. We know how sometimes a "Thank you" can be taken for granted. But if we look at the other side of the coin we might be blown away if we thought of the privileges a ‘good’ person gets. Think of it, a student who always thanks his teachers and even the non-teaching staff will be seen as a good student. The same goes for a leader who appreciates the work of his subordinates, he will always be loved and respected. A simple "Thanks" for a job well done can make them feel a strong sense of self-worth and surge in confidence.

It might sound strange to say that a person will be respected too if he says a mere thank you. When we take a deep dive into it we realize this is because being thankful for someone’s efforts is the same as respecting them(sympathizing with the other person’s pain and efforts). Respect leads to respect.

Everyone wants to have an impact on the world. When people are thanked for something they do, they feel one step closer to it. Magic happens when we start feeling grateful for everything and everyone we have.

The universe only gives us what we focus on. When we focus on the things or people we are grateful for instead of the things we don’t have, it blesses us with more of it. It is simply fascinating to know how a simple "Thank you" relates to concepts that can change our lives.

Let’s be realistic, living on the planet earth as a human is difficult. Every day we have to fight with other humans to make sure our existence is forgotten. Not only do we fight with humans but also our inner demons who are the scariest.

When someone works from dusk till dawn, remember that person isn’t on the chair alone, he is sitting there with his insecurities, frustration and confidence issues. And when someone comes to him and expresses how grateful they are for his patience, hard work and understanding, it is LIBERATING. This mere expression becomes a sign that his struggles are paying off and it was worth it. One might not realize this until it happens to them.

Whenever we think of people who we love a smile comes across our faces. It would be a shame if we don't tell them what they mean to us.

So this Thank you day let's express our gratitude to the people who make our lives better. Let's tell them that we love them from the bottom of our hearts.

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