Happy International Older Persons Day 2023 Quotes Speech History Activities & Gift Ideas

Published:Nov 17, 202319:50
Happy International Older Persons Day 2023 Quotes Speech History Activities & Gift Ideas

Happy International Older Persons Day: To show a great regard and increase awareness about the issues that affect older adults, we celebrate annually International Day of elder persons on October 1. First time it was organized by UN assembly in 1991. Seniors have plenty of experience in life and they can teach us about enduring change and handling life’s challenges. The celebration of the elder day is to create awareness and empathy regarding the well beings of the elderly.

Reasons why we should care for our elders?

  • They are your parents. They raised you and made sacrifices for you.
  • They love you. As you grown your elderly parents were there every stop the way.
  • They made sacrifices for you.
  • Show you appreciate them.
  • Heritage, traditions and ideals, you achieve from them.
  • They changed your dreams in your deed work.
  • They need a sense of belongingness.
  • Gain insight into their values.
  • They are nearing the end.
  • They need to feel a sense of purpose.

Ways to respect elders.

  1. Acting in a polite way to an elder is a demonstration respect.
  2. Ask for advice.
  3. Visit with them.
  4. Let them eat first.
  5. Ask about traditions.
  6. Ask about their lives.
  7. Give them a call.

5. Gift you can offer on elderly memorable day.

  1. Clothing and footwear gifts.
  2. Gift certificate for a favorite restaurant.
  3. Walker ski glides.
  4. You can give them new pair of spectacles.
  5. Gift to reduce anxiety and give relaxation them weighted blankets.

International Day of Older Persons Quotes

Happy International Older Persons Day 2020 Quotes

“Seniors are the ones who bring out the best in you but not the stress in you.”

"Thank God each passing day for you are blessed with elders whose blessings are the reason for all your success and happiness….. Happy World Elders Day."

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"We all grow old but only some of us grow big…. Respect elders and you will always be moving ahead in life with their blessings and love…. Best wishes on World Elders Day."

"They have always been around, even when we did not need them….. Let us be there for them at least when they need us…. Let us always have our elders bless us."

Older Persons Day Quotes

"Blessings of elders work as protection for us, they help us grow, succeed, prosper because they come from within… We always need them and their blessings."

"Today they are old and tomorrow we will be old…. Let us love them, seek their blessings before it is too late…. A very Happy World Elders Day."

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“Remember, long lives are rare these days and hence Senior Citizens are gems after being worked through life and living for more!”

“A pretty face gets old, a nice body will change but a good woman will always remain a good woman.”

Older Persons Day Quotes

“Every senior citizen has a lot to teach, make sure that you ask them for advice and you will never fail!”

“Old age takes away what we have inherited and gives us back what we have earned.”

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“You get old and realize there are no answers just stories.”

“Be young and stupid today in order to be old and wise tomorrow! Spread love on this International Day of Older Persons!”

World Elders Day Messages, Wishes and Greetings

Older Persons Day slogans

As we grow young, we forget the contribution our elders have made to our lives…. Let us grow responsibly and always honour their love, time, efforts and affection by taking care of them when they need us the most…. Happy World Elders Day.

When we were young, they were always around, taking care of the smallest of our needs… Now when they are old, they need us and we should be there without fail…. Best wishes on World Elders Day.

Let us thank God for giving us the protection and love of our elders…. Let us spend time with them, love them and care for them because they are our strengths…. Wishing Happy World Elders Day.

Elder Abuse Slogans

Older Persons Day wishes
Cool grandmother with sunglasses and drink in hand showing rock sign
  • Once she was his pride and life but today she is taking away from him both.
  • Give your elders a chance to smile, a reason to live and a life they all deserve…. Respect them and love them.
  • If you don’t love and respect your elders then don’t expect your children and grandchildren anything.
  • To care for all those who cared for us is the best way to express gratitude and honour them.
  • Don’t leave a chance to pay debt to your elders….. Respect them and not abuse them!!!

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