Chandrayaan 3 Successful Landing Quotes & Wishes, Images, Landing Date, Time, Status, WhatsApp Status to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202320:02
Chandrayaan 3 Successful Landing Quotes & Wishes, Images, Landing Date, Time, Status, WhatsApp Status to Share
Chandrayaan 3 Successful Landing Quotes|Chandrayaan 3|

Chandrayaan 3 Successful Launching Historical Facts : Recently Chandrayaan 3 that is pride of India is successfully has soft landed at south pole of moon surface. With this extraordinary achievement India has become first country in that has successfully launched Chandrayaan 3 landing and roving on south pole of lunar surface. Chandrayaan 3 was launched by LVM3 from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota. It was the third visionary dream of Moon that was initiated by India's space agency ISRO and successfully has landed on 23 August 2023. The goal of Chandrayaan 3 was to place lander and rover on the lunar surface on south pole that was biggest challenge, as known Russian Luna 25 mission failed same point during landing. But Chandrayaan-3 completed a soft landing in the Moon's south polar region on August 23, 2023 by ISRO officials. So friends, today in this article we will know about Whole Chandrayaan 3 Mission History, Significance, Wikipedia, Specifications, Successful Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Status, Inspirational Messages by ISRO that you can share with your friends and close one's.

What is Chandrayaan 3 Mission ?

Chandrayaan-3 is the third Indian lunar exploration mission under the Indian Space Research Organization's (ISRO) Chandrayaan program. Chandrayaan 3 was launched on 14 July 2023. The lander and rover landed near the lunar south pole region on 23 August 2023 at 18:02, making India the first country to successfully land a spacecraft near the lunar south pole and the fourth country to soft-land on the Moon. With this biggest achievement it whole program of successful landing was live streamed on YouTube ISRO official site that was also world record on highest Live Streaming Live Video in world with 3.6 million viewers online.

History Facts and Past of Chandrayaan 3 and Landing

  • According to ISRO officials this on 22 July 2019, ISRO launched Chandrayaan 2 on board a Launch Vehicle Mark-3 (LVM3) launch vehicle with an Orbiter, a Lander and a Rover.
  • The lander was scheduled to touch down on the lunar surface in September 2019 to deploy the Pragyan rover.
  • The lander ultimately crashed when it deviated from its intended trajectory while attempting to land.
  • After it following Chandrayaan-2, Chandrayaan-3 and further lunar missions were proposed.
  • On 23 August 2023 this mission successfully was launched and Indian has become first country in world to launch successful lunar mission on south pole of moon surface.

Wiki Highlights about Chandrayaan 3

Mission NameChandrayaan 3
Related to Science, Technology
Launch Date23 August 2023
SignificanceWith the successful launching on lunar south pole region, India the first country to successfully land a spacecraft near the lunar south pole
Successful Launch23 August 2023
Rover NamePragyan
Lander NameVikram
Rocket LVM3 M4
Launch Site Satish Dhawan Space Centre
Parent OrganisationISRO
Mission Time40 days
Launch Mass 3900 kg
Payload MassPropulsion Module: 2148 kg
Lander Module (Vikram): 1726 kg
Rover (Pragyan) 26 kg
Total: 3900 kg

Chandrayaan 3 Inspirational Wishes, Quotes, Greetings to Share

It was a dream to carry Chandrayaan 3 on moon's surface to revealing the beauty of cosmos, Congratulations to India, Scientists and ISRO.

India creates history, it is historical fact and not new thing that we have succeed to fulfil our is our history that is evidence to break word IMPOSSIBLE in to I M POSSIBLE.

Either you can win or you can lead, with Chandrayaan 2 we lead our improvement and following it Chandrayaan 3 we succeed to achieve our dream.

Universe is vital and have a lot of opportunities to do infinitive actions to do in life, nothing is impossible. Happy inspirational journey Chandrayaan 3.

Chandrayaan 3

With Chandrayaan-3, let our aspirations soar beyond the stars, and may its journey inspire humanity's unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

With Chandrayaan 3 we, have remind world that sky is not the limit and India's dreams and vision are boundless like the universe.

Chandrayaan 3 takes flight it carry out curiosity and ambition, symbolizing our relentless pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos.

Wish you all a Happy, joyful, ecstasy journey of Chandrayaan 3 with infinitive imagination, dreams and beauty of cosmos.

Chandrayaan-3, let us find inspiration to chase our desires, conquer our fears, and reach for the stars, quite literally. Happy Chandrayaan 3 with inspirational wishes and faith.

As Chandrayaan-3 takes flight, let it carry our curiosity and ambition, symbolizing our relentless pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos.

Chandrayaan 3’s journey toward the Moon serves as an inspiration for humanity’s pursuit of exploring the vast universe.

The successes of Chandrayaan 3 on the Moon showcase the boundless possibilities of human exploration.

Let us celebrate the upcoming landing of Chandrayaan 3 and the joy it brings to our hearts and the sky above.

Best of luck on Chandrayaan 3’s journey. May the landing be as smooth as moonlight.

Our best wishes go out to Chandrayaan 3 on this historic day. May your moon landing be a magical success!


On Which date Chandrayaan 3 is launched ?

Chandrayaan 3 has launched on 14 July 2023 and the lander touched down in the lunar south pole region on 23 August 2023 at 18:02.

What is Chandrayaan 3 Rover's name ?


What is Chandrayaan 3 Lander's name ?


From which Launch Vehicle Chandrayaan 3 has launched ?

Launch Vehicle Mark-III (Mark-III (LVM-3)

Which is 1st country to launch spacecraft on moon's south pole surface ?

India has become the first country to land a spacecraft on the moon's southern region.

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