How to Use Amazon Keyword Tracking to Identify Customer Needs

Published:Nov 17, 202322:53
How to Use Amazon Keyword Tracking to Identify Customer Needs
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Selling on Amazon successfully is not easy at all. Every seller on Amazon sooner or later encounters the issue of all types of differences in the listings. 

Huge competition on Amazon is the main reason for this. Also, other reasons are the emergence of more new methods and schemes for sellers to boost sales as well as the development of enhanced methods for covering the market from Amazon. 

In the method of working with millions of products, it's simply unthinkable to track all differences in brands, products, images, delivery times, names, and so many more independently. And every overlooked change possibly threatens the condition of your seller's account on Amazon. 

For this reason, you need to know how to use the keyword tracker Amazon and use it properly. This will help you be on the top of Amazon. So, let's learn more about keyword tracker Amazon in this article below. 

What Is Keyword Tracker Amazon?

Keyword tracker Amazon helps you track a list of queries over time, curated by an SEO or organization. A good keyword tracker will allow you to track thousands of keywords across multiple locations and devices. 

This also gives you an idea of ​​your competitors and their rankings for the keywords you want to rank for. Keyword rank monitoring helps you understand if your search engine optimization efforts have been successful, which keywords you might need to refocus your efforts on, and more. 

However, it is difficult to come up with the right list of keywords to start tracking if you don't know how to use it. Let's now know the Amazon ranking factors below to boost your business on Amazon. 

Amazon Ranking Factors

These are some elements to think about while enhancing your product's ranking on Amazon, whether they are related to boosting your product's performance or keywords (CTR, sales, CR). Amazon will consider the following.

  1. Product Name: The relevance of your item name will be defined by an algorithm. The advertisement title should contain the most appropriate keywords for your items.
  2. Seller Name: One more ranking factor that Amazon uses to define your search relevancy is the seller name. In case your name includes keywords, you're more likely to rank on Amazon.
  3. Keywords: Although your customers can't see your keywords, Amazon can see them as well as use them to define your product's nature. Keywords represent your items and search phrases for which your advertisement should appear on top.
  4. Customers can witness the brand box right below the title: Well, Amazon utilizes this section to link a product to other products, so ensure the name of your brand is spelled correctly on every listing on Amazon.
  5. Product Description: Amazon will go through each letter of your product description to see how suitable the description for search is. You must try to incorporate as much data as possible while utilizing the most appropriate keywords for Amazon products.
  6. Product Features: Similar to the description, features of the product help Amazon estimate how useful it will be to have your product in the search. It's extremely essential to contain keywords & product details for Amazon to regard your products as relevant.

Amazon Listing Optimization

You would need to include them in your item listing on Amazon as well as optimize it after researching your desired search terms. Prioritize conversion optimization in the fields that can be seen on the item page first:

  • Use your keyword in the description, title, and also bullet points
  • For Amazon rankings, search terms in the A+ Content aren't considered 
  • All domains have similar relevance and weight for the algorithm on Amazon

Second, include your keywords to ‘backend keywords’:

  • Don't use over 249 bytes. Even punctuations and spaces count here.
  • You only have to use every special word once – you don't have to repeat
  • Use space as a separator

After successfully completing your research as well as listing optimization, it is necessary to see how your keyword rankings expand over time. Generally, keywords are a powerful factor for item visibility as well as in driving traffic. 

Why You Need SEO On Amazon

Starting out on Amazon isn't ever simple. You must become well-versed in several rules and adjust to the rigid requirements of the system. Yet in exchange, you receive a "hot" online business where you can earn billion of dollars annually. Whether the market segment you choose to enter—mass market goods or distinctive hand-made goods—listing an item on Amazon needs entering keywords.

Today's marketplace has thousands of items to choose from and several millions of sellers, so only skillful optimization will help your product rise in the search results. Many elements influence where products appear in search results, including:

  • The sales volume
  • Rating & number of product reviews
  • Conversion
  • Product relevance to the search

The user won't see your product, no matter how excellent it is, even if you have the most enticing title, an alluring thorough explanation of your product, lovely photographs, and catchy headlines. By highlighting it among the sea of comparable products, you can use this technique to assist the buyer in discovering the needed item.

Your job is to make your goods visible to the buyer and speed up the choosing process as much as you can.

How to Use Amazon Keyword Tracking

Here's how the best keyword tracker Amazon enables you to create sales funnels that increase revenues and rankings by simply identifying your customer needs.


You will begin by driving more traffic from outside than from Amazon. Use the keyword tracker to learn which keyword is relevant to use on your product to use it for more traffic.


With the help of the right Keyword tracker, create a landing chatbot or page for a promotion, where you can promote your item.


Your Amazon listing will receive more traffic as your keyword ranks rise, which will lead to more organic sales.


The campaign will improve your conversion rate as well as your sales rate, which will enhance keyword rankings.


Keywords play a vital role in delivering your relevancy on Amazon. In case your products don't list the relevant keywords on Amazon in the right places, they likely won't show up on the search results page of Amazon. So, use the right keyword tracker Amazon to boost your business.

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