Happy World Tourism Day 2024: Quotes, Theme, Slogan, Messages, Wishes, Images

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Happy World Tourism Day 2024: Quotes, Theme, Slogan, Messages, Wishes, Images
World Tourism Day 2024

Get your bulky cameras ready, unfold your maps and make sure your fanny pack still fits snugly. World Tourism Day every September 27,  raises awareness of the need for accessible tourism all over the planet.

World Tourism Day is the result of the work done by the UN’s specialized agency — the World Tourism Organization (WTO). If you’ve ever strolled through a charming, perfectly-preserved European village or town, you’ve probably seen the WTO at work. Boosting local economies and ensuring sustainable tourism are but a few of the benefits of the WTO.

More importantly, on World Tourism Day, the WTO makes sure that travel is accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities and folks with low-income. Whether you’re walking with a cane or rolling in a chair; the world is open for business to you and your friends. So, get traveling!

For World Tourism Day 2023, hosted in the Middle East, the following theme is proposed: “Tourism and Green Investments”. Sustainable investments are at the centre of tourism's contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We bring to you World Tourism Day slogans and Tourist Day Messages. Share these slogans on tourism in English, send these poster messages and quotes on importance of tourism to your family and friends. Enjoy the best of slogans of tourism in English shared below.

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“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.
Not all those who wander are lost.
The journey is the destination.
Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.”

World Tourism Day/History of World Tourism Day:

World Tourism Day History of World Tourism Day

In the third season of The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) at Torremolinos, Spain, September 1979 general assembly decided to establish World Tourism day to promote the importance of tourism, it's an economic benefit and job facilities. The establishment of world tourism day history is a milestone. In 1970, 27th September the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted that's why they choose this date to mark as World Tourism Day.

Importance of world tourism day:

World tourism day is to promote tourism and its benefits. Here are a few benefits to tourism.
Employment: It gives employment as the tourism industry is dealing with tourist agents, transports, hotels, and resorts. It means many hotel staff, drivers, restaurant staff, etc will be employed.

Economic development: tourism increases the economic development of the place. Not only the hotels and restaurants but local people also get money. They either get money directly spent by tourists or passively by the hotels where tourists stay or visit. Many tourists also buy local goods as souvenirs. It is not only effective for the local area but also makes the growth of GDP in state and national economies.

Happy World Tourism

Social advantages: Tourists come to a place sometimes to enjoy local culture and heritage. So it gives local people encouragement to maintain their traditions and culture for visitors.

Environmental Advantages: Some places are famous for their environment so it gives people the motivation to main the environment for visitors.

We bring to you World Tourism Day slogans 2023. Share these slogans on tourism in English, send these poster messages and quotes on the importance of tourism to your family and friends. Enjoy the best of slogans of tourism in English shared below.

Happy World Tourism Day Best Wishes and Messages

Happy World Tourism Day Best Wishes and Messages

Tourists have the check on the places where they have to go and where they had gone, but travelers only make their dream follow with the wings. Wish you Happy world Tourism Day! wewishes.com

Traveling makes the relations better; this world tourism day take your loved ones outside and explore the beauty of our country! wewishes.com

Book reading and traveling are both companions for each other, traveler love reading books and reader lover traveling. Make your journey beautiful in the owe of reading books. wewishes.com

Traveling gives you a lifetime experience which leaves you amazed and gets your minds open with getting so much of knowledge. wewishes.com

Traveling makes you a better person by blowing out the negativity and intake the positivity around, celebrate world tourism day with positivity. wewishes.com

We wish that you blessed with so many holidays so that you can spend some quality time with your family and loved ones, this world tourism day! wewishes.com

World Tourism Day wishes

Rejuvenate yourself by traveling around the world on the occasion of world tourism day and know more about the culture and religions of our country. wewishes.com

Tourists have a checklist of the places they have been and where they have not been but travelers have no idea where they are going….. Wishing you a Happy World Tourism Day. wewishes.com

happy world tourism day whatsapp status download

With the ease of traveling from one place to another don’t make your legs stop in one place now, this world tourism day makes yourself aware of the areas in your surroundings. wewishes.com

Save the world’s heritage places and explore about them as they are built in ancient times but have the unique story to read. We wish Happy world Tourism Day! wewishes.com

In India, we have different religions, different cultures, and different people read about them and their places and lifestyle in this world tourism day! wewishes.com

See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security.” Ray Bradbury

“The journey is the destination.” Dan Eldon

World Tourism Day Poster, Quotes, Wishes
World Tourism Day Vector Design Template

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” Aldous Huxley

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” Samuel Johnson

Happy World Tourism Day Slogans 2023

Happy World Tourism Day Slogans 2020

Consistently, travel to a spot where you have never been.

Add additionally importance to your life by going as much as you can as it is the most ideal approach to learn.

The rush of life consistently remains alive when you are voyaging.

Voyaging is tied in with investigating, learning and grasping… .. It is tied in with improving as an individual!!

World Tourism Day Quotes

Happy travel day

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.

Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.

The more I traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends.

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.

World Tourism Day Images WhatsApp Status, Facebook Posters

Travel, to explore, to know, to learn! Happy World Tourism Day!!

World Tourism Day Quotes

When you travel, you become a different person, a better person.

World Tourism Day Quotes, 2020

Nothing teaches you life better than traveling…. So travel to expand your knowledge.

World Tourism Day Quotes, 2020

The person who doesn’t travel misses on the beauty of life.

World Tourism Day Quotes, 2020

World Tourism Day Posters

Happy World Tourism Day WhatsApp Status



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