Remembering Amrish Puri: Unforgettable Quotes and Dialogues from the Iconic Bollywood Villain

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Remembering Amrish Puri: Unforgettable Quotes and  Dialogues from the Iconic Bollywood Villain
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Remembering Amrish Puri: Unforgettable Quotes from the Iconic Bollywood Villain: Iconic villain role star and notable celebrity Amrish Puri is the most important person in Indian cinema. He has worked in 460 movies in Indian theatre and famous by the villain role. There are many awards he has achieved for her extraordinary performance like as Filmfare Best Villain Award, Filmfare Best Supporting Actor, Zee Cine Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role etc. Amrish Puri was born on 22 June 1932, Nawanshahr, Punjab India. There are many local languages in which Amrish Puri appeared with her outstanding role like as Tamil, Kannad, Telgu, Hinidi and Bengali etc. He was the highest paid salary actor in Indian Cinema during his time with the paid fees 10 million rupees forever. So friends today in this article we will know about the Amrish Puri Wiki, Biography, Born, Death, Girlfriend Affairs, Wishes, Quotes, Inspirational Messages that you can share with your friends and close ones.

Wiki, Biography Highlights of Amrish Puri

CelebrityAmrish Puri
ProfessionActor, Star
Born22 June 1932
Birth placeNawanshahr, Punjab India
Death 12 January 2005
Death CauseCerebral hemorrhage
Debut MoviePrem Pujari
Zodiac SignCancer
SpouseUrmila Diveker
HobbiesCollect Hats, Reading
Height 178 cm
Weight78 kg
Eye Color Brown
Awards and AccoladesFilmfare Best Villain Award,
Filmfare Best Supporting Actor
Net worth20 million U.S.D (approx.)

Amrish Puri Quotes

Biggest adventure that I always celebrate in my life that is living this life with fully enjoy, ecstasy and this opportunity available for all.

People say that I'm bad person on the basis of my movies role but I really tell you that I'm only innocent man.

During my cinematography career I has take care my outfits with best way, because I think that a model should take care his profession.

Practice makes a man perfect, I have practice a dialogue more that 50 times before final selection.

Modeling is also part of the human life, if a person really recognize human life issues, interest then he can play role in movies.

Don't disturb other people's life, what they are, what action they accept, all and everything depend on them, so always generate in own's interest and stay safe with your individual interest.

Every person who is successful in his regarding field, has given her hundred percent heart and mind in it's respecting field.

Amrish Puri Dialogues

Amrish Puri Dialogues

"Aaisi nass dabaoonga ki cheenk nikal jayegi"

"Khoon ki holi aap jaise politicians khelte hai, police nahin"

Amrish Puri Dialogues - images, quotes

" Tabaadlo se ilaake badalte ha, iraade nahi"

"Woh meri jagah doosre vyakti badal sakte ha, hamare sankalp aur vichaar nahi"

Amrish Puri Dialogues - images, quotes

" Hamari organization ko insaanon ki nah, balki kaam karne waalon ki zaroorat hoti hai "

"Yeh adaalat ha, koi mandir ya dargah nahi jahan mannatein aur muraadein poori hoti ha, yahan dhoop batti aur narayal nah, balki thos saboot aur gawah pesh kiye jaate hai"

Amrish Puri Dialogues - images, quotes

"Aaj tak woh rassi hi nahi batti gay, Jomujhe phansi laga sake"

"Apne aasoon sukh jaye toh aadmi doosron ke aasoon pochne chala jata hai"

Amrish Puri Dialogues - images, quotes

"Somvaar ko sagai, phir Ganga ki bidai; aur bhabhi issi baat par khila do hum sabko mithai"

"Amrica mein pyar ka matlab hai len den; lekin Hindustan mein pyar ka matlab hai sirf dena, dena, dena"

Amrish Puri Dialogues - images, quotes

"Business mein laga hua rupaiya; saanp ke daanto mein phase hue mendhak ki tarah hota hai"

"Aadmi ke pass dimag ho na; toh woh apna dard bhi bech sakta hai"

"Jahan meri awaaz pahunch sakti hai; wahan meri goli bhi pahunch sakti hai"

"Jawani mein aksar break fail ho jaya karti hai"

Amrish Puri Dialogues - images, quotes

"Tune mere khoon ke cheente udhaye hai; main teri dajjiyan udha doonga"

"Apni kisi pyari cheez par jab chot ka nishaan lagta hai; toh dil mein dard jaag uthta hai"

"Jisse main insaan ka bachcha samajhkar bees saal tak palta raha; woh aasteen ka saanp nikla"

"Upar waale ne yeh dil patthar ka banaya hai; isse shock toh lag sakta hai, lekin kabhi stop nahi ho sakta"

"Naye jooton ki tarah shuru mein naye naye afsar bhi kaatte hai"

"Lakdiyan jalkar raakh ho jaati hai;
Lekin chulhe mein unki tapan banni rehti hai"

Amrish Puri Dialogues movies

"Zindagi sirf pyar par nahi palti;
zindagi chalane ke liye paisa chahiye,
aaram chahiye, rutba chahiye"

"Aadmi ko apni haisiyat ke andar rehna chahiye;
Doosron ki daya par jeene ko jeena nahi kehte"

Amrish Puri Dialogues - images, quotes

"Main khata hoon vegetarian aur kaam karta hoon non-vegetarian"

"Bacha maa ki kok mein baad mein panapta hai;
humra ghulam pehle banta hai"

"Gareeb ka muqaddar us par reham karne se nahi;
balki us mein zimmedari pehda karne se badla jaata hai"

Motivational Villain Dialogues and Attitude Quotes by Amrish Puri

  • In cinematography I was criticized many well known Bollywood personality but I don't reply on it because your reply push them a motivation to speak against them.
  • If you really right in your life, then nothing matter what other person tell you.
  • The big difference in a successful person and unsuccessful only one that is, successful person stay tune on negative adverse circumstance on his aim and other give up it.
  • Positive Optimism is the great panacea that can produce a positive attitude every negative person.
  • If you can't think what you really want your life, then you can't implement it in your life forever.
  • Age don't matter only matters what is your heart burn and your enthusiasm, zeal to do something in life.

Amrish Puri Adventure Status, Greetings, Messages to Share

  • Consistency and perseverance effort is the value that is unique and it implement in one's life that provide a infinite value.
  • Every person fight with outer world but can't fight with his own gesture, ideas and thoughts.
  • It is better to be silent to argue when someone is not listen your idea and plan.
  • Modelling is the real expression of your ideas, thoughts and views in real life, if ones know about it then he is model forever.
  • Your every failure is the brick of success wall that will stand a sound foundation of a whole house one day.
  • There are two major difference in successful and unsuccessful person, successful person know it is very complex but he do it again and again and other give up it.


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Prem Pujari

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