Happy World Hearing Day (2024) Theme | Wishes | Quotes | Greetings to Share

Published:Mar 3, 202422:44
Updated on:Mar 3, 2024
Happy World Hearing Day (2024) Theme | Wishes | Quotes | Greetings to Share
Happy World Hearing Day|International Hearing Day 2023 Quotes

Happy World Hearing Day: Every year World Hearing Day is observed on 03 March to spread a awareness about the sensitive hearing part of our body that is Ear. All our mind activities on depend what we are listening and on this basis our mind transforms its in the accordance work. So it is the important part of human system, motive to celebrate this occasional day is to prevent the deafness and causes of ear diseases. First time this day was celebrated on the 03 March 2007 with its International Ear Care Day name. There are many organizations that works globally to aware people about the significant day. Besides it there are many hearing loss diseases like as Otosclerosis, Tinnitus, Usher Syndrome that are also severe causes that loss our mind, so as the activities of this day, health specialists inform people about the symptoms of these kind diseases. So friends today in this article we will know about the World Hearing Day Wikipedia, History, Significance, Them, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Wallpapers, Inspirational Slogans that you can share with your friends and close one's.

World Hearing Day 2024 Wiki Highlights

Event Name World Hearing Day 2024
Type Health, Awareness
Observation date 03 March
Observation by WHO, Globally
Significance to aware people about hearing loss prevent related health causes like as otosclerosis
1st Observation 2007
Affected population 1.5 billion
Major Causes Chronic ear infections, Cerumen impaction, Ear Trauma
Parent Organization WHO
Frequency Annual
Hashtags of Day #worldhearingday2024

World Hearing Day 2024 Theme

World Hearing Day 2024 Theme is Ear And Hearing Care for All, Let's Make it a Reality. Theme informs about the increasing hearing losses and it's severe causes. Due to a air pollution, severe automobiles sound are common problems that are reason of hearing. On the primarily level there are 60 percent people who are suffering from hearing loss and sound issues, so it is necessary to encounter it. Theme 2024 also focuses to change this server cause in to a better reality.

International Hearing Day 2024 Quotes, Wishes to Share

International Hearing Day 2023 Quotes

Ear is the essential component of our body, all sensual activities start from hearing and caring, let's celebrate this occasional day to prevent hearing loss.

It is the huge number that are suffering from hearing loss diseases, let's take a step to recover ear causes for a better listening and laughing.

How can we be normal, there are over 2.4 billion population that will be affected by hearing loss by 2050, it is the serious concern for a golden future. Happy World Hearing Day 2024

It is the danger for our society that emerging as chronic middle ear infections, noise-induced hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, let's abolish it forever.

Warmth wishes to all on the significant day of World Hearing Day 2024, let's protect our ear for a healthy listening and understanding.

Activities on World Hearing Day 2024

  • Safe hearing is very important so make a awareness campaign to inform people about the hearing loss diseases and its symptoms.
  • Everyone has right to listen better and understand well, let's celebrate this day as the health awareness day.
  • Try to make a gathering of people to inform them about the air pollution and other severe causes related to listening and hearing.
  • Communicate people about the Chronic ear infections, Cerumen impaction, Ear Trauma to improve hearing loss issues.

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