Happy World Cancer Day (2024) Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Wallpapers| Images| Greetings to Share

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Updated on:Jan 27, 2024
Happy World Cancer Day (2024) Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Wallpapers| Images| Greetings to Share
Happy World Cancer Day|Happy World Cancer Day banner||Happy World Cancer Day image|Happy World Cancer Day poster|Happy World Cancer Day quotes|Happy World Cancer Day wishes

Happy World Cancer Day (2024) Theme| Wishes| Quotes| Wallpapers| Images| Greetings to Share : Every year World Cancer Day is celebrated on 04 February to raise awareness about the world most deadly disease that is known as Cancer. To motive to celebrate this official day is also provide the physical and mentally support against the cancer patients that are suffering different types of cancer like as Lung cancer, Ovarian cancer, Thyroid cancer etc. According to WHO data there are 18.5 million more than cancer patients are suffering from cancer globally. Besides it most cancer type that causes in India and other countries are lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and skin cancer also. First time this official day is celebrated on 04 February in 2008 to provide basic support by International Cancer Control (UICC). Initially to know the cancer symptoms PET SCAN, CHEMOTHERAPY are used to diagnose the cancer. So friends today in this article we will know about the World Cancer Day Wikipedia, Detail, Theme, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Wishes, Survival Quotes, Greetings, Wallpapers, Images that you can share with your friends and close one's.

World Cancer Day 2024 Key Highlights

  • Event Name- World Cancer Day
  • Type- Health, Awareness
  • Observe Date- 04 February
  • Observation by- International Cancer Control (UICC)
  • Significance- to aware people about cure, causes of vivid cancer types and support to cancer patients
  • Globally Death Ratio- 190 per 100000
  • Symptoms- Less appetize, unhealthy skin
  • Parent Organization- UICC
  • Most affected Continent- South Africa
  • Frequency- Annual

World Cancer Day 2024 Theme

World Cancer Day 2024 theme is "Close the Care Gap," The theme of the 2023 is fixed on the reducing factors of cancer diseases and also concerns on the time gap the cancer patients. For a better implementation of the day a campaign also implemented for three years from 2022 to 2024.

International Cancer Day 2024 Wishes, Quotes

"Journey of cancer may be long and scary, but every kilometer of mile reduces the total distance of life, let's increase this endurance to mitigate this adverse momentary time of cancer. "

  • “What does not kill us always makes us stronger.”
  • “Cancer damages you more emotionally and mentally than physically.”
  • “If you survive cancer then you become a better, much stronger person.”

"Abnormal of cells can break physical strength but not mental strength, let's celebrate this significant day by perseverance effort, determination, patience. Happy World Cancer Day 2024 forever."

  • "The best way to fight cancer is to be mentally strong, all occurs that's revolves in your mind. "
  • "Cry, Laugh, Sadness, Cheers are the elements of life's journey, let's make enjoyable these moments of life with great efforts of life. Happy World Cancer Day 2024"
  • "Sometimes it happens that nothing is important but it may be perfect everything by the best efforts of life. "

  • “I fight with Cancer every day and I survive every day and this is my victory on this disease.”

  • “Courage is not the absence of fear but the realization that there is something else more important.”
  • “When you come to the end of the rope, tie a knot at the end and hang on to it till you can.”
  • “If you have a scar that means you have lived your life…. Because they have a story to tell.”

Activities on Cancer Day 2024

There are many activities that happens on the cancer day like as people make effort to provide the physical and mental support to cancer patients-

  • A fix meeting with cancer patients with the great tips to overcome the deadly cancer.
  • Aware people about a fitness lifestyle with zero hardness to tough challenge.
  • Provide a mentally support with right meditation tricks and yoga exercises to emotional cancer patients.
  • Provide a globally community support to cancer patients.

International Cancer Day Poster

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