World Computer Literacy Day (2024) Quotes, Wishes, Theme, Greetings

Published:Nov 17, 202322:40
Updated on:Jan 12, 2024
World Computer Literacy Day (2024) Quotes, Wishes, Theme, Greetings
|World Computer Literacy Day|

World Computer Literacy Day: Every year World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated on 02 December to develop computer machinery in day by day and enhance awareness about the computer technology in human life. Any field like as artificial intelligence, medical biochemistry, developed technological skill, it is common of a computer uses. This is the day who also improve the teaching of computer in women and children also. Today computer is contribute any field and anywhere in innovative, and creative world. First time this significant day was observed in 2001 by the well-known Indian Company N.I.I.T that was also founded in 1981. Rajendra Singh Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani are the persons who initiated this program of World Computer Literacy Day. So friends today on this official day we will know about this article World Computer Literacy Day Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Theme, that you can share with your friends and family also.

Important Highlights on World Computer Literacy Day

Event Name World Computer Literacy Day
Type Technology, Awareness
Observation date 02 December 2024
Significance To enhance vital information of computer in inventory world, artificial intelligence, interior designing etc.
1st Observation 2001
Observed by NIIT
Founder of day Rajendra Singh Pawar and Vijay K
Frequency Annual

World Computer Literacy Day 2024 Theme

World Computer Literacy Day
International Literacy Day. School Stationary in Basket on Wooden Table Yellow Background

'Literacy for human-centered recovery' this is the theme of 2024 of World Computer Literacy Day, still now 2024 theme is not disclosed that will be also updated. Digital literacy for a brighter future.

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Global Computer Literacy Day Quotes

"Without emotions there is no field in which a computer can not interfere, everywhere in education, organization, participation in artificial intelligence also."

"The best thing in a computer this is that they do all thing that you want to know, but bad thing it is that they also ask a human to proof that you are not a robot. "

"It is irony that a computer machine can hack human mind, in the deep artificial intelligence a robot can do anything with a human behavior."

"Let's celebrate this day as a gorgeous day of World Computer Literacy Day to educate people with the most powerful machine of world that is called "Computer"."

"Hospital technology, medical field, Computer literacy and technology every field you can access one thing that is computer everywhere."

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On which date Global Computer Literacy Day is celebrated ?

02 December

Who is the father of World Computer Literacy Day ?

Rajendra Singh Pawar and Vijay K

What activities we can do on the Global Computer Literacy day ?

We can make a group and hold a campaign about computer literacy and also enhance awareness about the technology in artificial intelligence, visual techno hub, interior designing and so all.

Who is father of Computer ?

Charles Babbage was a philosopher and mathematician who invented first computer machine and he is also well-known as the father of computer.

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