International Democracy Day 2023: quotes, images, wishes, posters, WhatsApp status

Published:Nov 17, 202322:22
International Democracy Day 2023: quotes, images, wishes, posters, WhatsApp status
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International Democracy Day 2023 – International Democracy Day is celebrated on September 15 annually all around the world which focuses on appreciating our democratic society. There are several incomprehensible challenges that are unimaginable to those who live in a democracy; therefore, democracy should never be taken for granted. All governments respect the rights of the citizens and ensure that they are provided freedom of political expression, speech, press, and the internet to vote according to their own interests. Below are some best quotes on International Democracy Day that raise awareness in the society by celebrating this day and tell youth to exercise their rights lawfully in the society: [adace-ad id="6046"]

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International Day of Democracy Quotes

International Democracy Day

“Democracy is not the law of the majority but the protection of the minority. Happy International Democracy Day!”

“What is really needed to make democracy function is not the knowledge of facts, but the right education. Happy International Democracy Day!”

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. Happy International Democracy Day!

“I believe that democracy is the best grantor for peace and cooperation among nations. Happy International Democracy Day!

International Democracy Day poster

‘When free people stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Happy International Democracy Day!”

“Democracy literally means the power of people. Democracy is not about politics; it is about people. Happy International Democracy Day!”

“Democracy – government by the people, equality, opportunity, freedom!”

International Democracy Day Quotes

“Democracy in the contemporary world demands. Among other things, educated and informed people. Happy International Democracy Day!”

“The market is a democracy in which every penny gives a right to vote. Happy International Democracy Day!”

International Democracy Day Quotes
  • “As I might not be a slave, so I might not be a grasp. This expresses my concept of democracy.” — Abraham Lincoln
International Democracy Day Quotes 2020
  • “Everyone now appears to be speaking about democracy. I do not perceive this. As I feel of it, democracy is not like a Sunday swimsuit to be introduced out and worn just for parades. It is the sort of a life an honest man leads, it is one thing to reside for and to die for.” — Dalton Trumbo
International Democracy Day poster 2020
  • “Deliberation and debate is the way in which you stir the soul of our democracy.” — Jesse Jackson
  • "On International Democracy Day, let us embrace the diversity of voices that weave our nation's fabric, for it is through unity in diversity that our democracy flourishes."
  • "As we celebrate International Democracy Day, let us remember that our rights and responsibilities go hand in hand, empowering us to shape our nation's destiny."
  • "Democracy is not just a system; it's a spirit that thrives when each citizen becomes the architect of positive change on this International Democracy Day."
  • "In the symphony of democracy, every vote is a note that harmonizes our nation's future. Let's make each vote count on International Democracy Day."
  • "International Democracy Day reminds us that the true power lies in the hands of the people, and through our ballots, we pave the path of progress."
  • "As we mark International Democracy Day, let's cherish the freedom to express ourselves, for it is the essence of a thriving democratic society."
  • "Democracy is the canvas on which we paint our aspirations, and on this International Democracy Day, let's paint a masterpiece of inclusivity and equity."
  • "Let us use the brush of unity to color the canvas of democracy with the vibrant hues of compassion and understanding on this International Democracy Day."
  • "On International Democracy Day, let us water the roots of democracy with the elixir of dialogue, nurturing a nation of empathy and cooperation."
  • "Democracy blooms like a beautiful flower when each citizen tends to their civic duties diligently. Happy International Democracy Day!"
  • "International Democracy Day calls upon us to be guardians of liberty, safeguarding the rights of every citizen as we march towards progress."
  • "Democracy's strength lies not just in the power of the majority but in the protection of minority voices. Let's celebrate this unity in diversity on International Democracy Day."
  • "On this International Democracy Day, let's weave the threads of justice and equality into the fabric of our society, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all."
  • "As we celebrate International Democracy Day, let's cherish the right to dissent, for it is the seed from which new ideas and progress sprout."
  • "Democracy is a garden that needs nurturing from each citizen's caring hands. Let's cultivate it with love and understanding on International Democracy Day."
  • "On this International Democracy Day, let's light the lamp of wisdom and let it guide our nation towards a brighter, more enlightened future."
  • "Democracy is not just a privilege; it's a responsibility. Let's exercise it wisely and thoughtfully on this International Democracy Day."
  • "As we commemorate International Democracy Day, let's remember that the truest form of patriotism is the unwavering commitment to uphold democratic values."
  • "Let's celebrate the tapestry of democracy that unites us all as proud citizens, standing tall and strong on this International Democracy Day."
  • "On International Democracy Day, let us renew our vow to protect and preserve democracy, for it is the beacon of hope that illuminates our nation's path."

International Day of Democracy Status
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