Definition of Couplet - messages

Published:Nov 17, 202318:20
Definition of Couplet - messages
Couple massages|Couple massages|Couple massages

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Frequent Examples of Couplets

I made the cookies one after the other
I hear the bell, so they're accomplished

I noticed slightly hermit crab
His coloring was oh so drab

The youngsters just like the ocean shore
We wish to go away however they need extra

It is exhausting to see the butterfly
As a result of he flies throughout the sky

Hear the honking of the goose
I believe he is indignant on the moose

She was slightly tense
The discover made no sense

I tire of writing poems and rhyme
I believe I want trip time

His purple sports activities automobile is only a dream
It wants no fuel, it runs on steam

My cat, she likes to chase a mouse,
Particularly one which's in the home

Lightening, thunder, throughout
Quickly the rain falls on the bottom

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