Child Struggling With Maths? Signs and Ways to Help

Published:Nov 17, 202310:42
Child Struggling With Maths? Signs and Ways to Help
Child Struggling With Maths

It is not uncommon to find children struggling in maths but excelling in other subjects. However, if not addressed and handled well, these struggles can haunt your child later on in life. Most children who struggle with maths often say that it is difficult.

The signs that your child is struggling with maths may vary from what other parents are experiencing. As a parent, don’t lose hope. There are plenty of methods that you can use to help your child improve their maths skills. 

Herein, we highlight some of the telltale signs that your kid is struggling with maths. You will also find handy tips on ways you can help your kid become better in maths.

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Signs That Your Kid Is Struggling With Maths

One sign that your child is struggling with maths is a poor understanding of the math basic concepts. Understanding basic concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is an important part of maths. There is a high probability that your kid will find it hard to understand more complex topics if they haven’t grasped the basics well.

Some kids also display maths anxiety. Kids with maths anxiety will often feel stressed when faced with a task or test that involves calculations. Your child may start having sweaty palms, increased heart rate, and tension during maths lessons.

Kids struggling with maths may also show enthusiasm and perform better in other subjects. This also could be a sign that your child rarely practices or studies maths. The kids may also engage in negative talk about maths by saying that it is hard or that they are not good at it.

Tips to Help Your Kid Become Better in Maths

One thing you need to understand is that it may take time, and as a parent, you need to exercise patience with your child. The first step should be to identify which topics or concepts your child is struggling to understand. 

Use online learning resources such as Cazoom Maths. You will find maths worksheets for all students. The worksheets provide a gradual learning process, starting from the basics to the complex stuff. These worksheets can also be used for classroom learning or homeschooling.

Daily practice will help your child understand maths concepts and how to use them to solve problems. You can set aside an hour a day of private or online tutoring. Also, encourage your child to take challenges to test the concepts they have learned.

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Involve your child in daily activities that involve maths. This will help your kid understand that maths is an essential life skill that is useful in critical thinking and problem-solving. For example, ask them to help you measure ingredients in the kitchen when you are baking. 

Wrapping Up

Struggling with maths can affect your child’s confidence. However, there are many tools and resources that you can use to help them improve. Consistency and motivation will help your child improve their maths skills. 

Also, make learning maths more fun. Mix the learning sessions with games and reward your kid for good performance or any slight improvement. These small acts will boost their confidence and make them strive to do better.

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