Is the general test compulsory in CUET? - Know its significance

Published:Nov 17, 202310:41
Is the general test compulsory in CUET? - Know its significance
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The famous Central Universities' entrance exam, known as the CUET, is administered at the national level by the National Testing Agency. To be accepted into undergraduate programmes, applicants must apply online for the CUET 2022. Entrance will rely on the CUET grades that a prospect scores. Therefore, the applicant has to be knowledgeable about the full CUET course. Regarding the CUET syllabus, you should know that the CUET question has 4 sections. 

The language exam in CUET is divided into the two sections of part 1 (1A and 1B), a domain-specific subject is covered in section 2, and a general test is covered in section 3. Although the first two portions are doable, the overall test could be challenging. The NTA CUET exam of 2022 examination will feature 66 central institutions, making the competition fierce. In such cases, one section that you must focus on is the general section. Read the complete guide to unveil more about the General section.

What do you obtain in the General division?

The general test portion evaluates the student's general awareness and familiarity with current events. Unfamiliarity is worse since inquiries might stem from any newspaper article. Students can successfully pass the general test portion of the CUET 2022 with the right planning and strategy.

Is it compulsory?

The General test in your CUET paper is not a mandated test for all the programs in the central universities. The general test is only obligatory for 60% of the courses offered by the CUET. However, if you come under the remaining 40% from any other program, you still can appear in the general test. This is because; the general section in the CUET question paper is an easy-scoring section. You can easily score a good number and leverage your chances of qualifying.

How should you prepare for the questions of the General test?

The general knowledge element makes up a sizable percentage of the CUET exams 2022; that is the general test. It is essential to have knowledge and awareness outside of the classroom. When the CUET initial application for 2022 is filed, students must begin preparing for this section.

  • Reading is the key to achieving excellent grades on the CUET 2022 general test's general knowledge part. Individuals must read articles, books, newspapers, and magazines to improve their basic knowledge, whether online or off. It is essential to read these texts daily if you want to become more knowledgeable and aware of the world.
  • Socializing is another approach to increasing general awareness. Candidates may better understand the crucial issues affecting the nation and the world by engaging in social discussion with friends and acquaintances.
  • Making notes can aid applicants in remembering the important details and revising before the test.
  • To effectively study the general knowledge themes, students must be familiar with Indian history, science, and technology, significant dates, books and writers, nations and capitals, general government, inventions as well as discoveries, honours and medals, sports, and the Indian National Movement.

Current affairs

The CUET 2022 general test portion frequently has questions that deal with current events. To correctly respond to all the current affairs-related questions, students must keep up with events taking on around the country. Here are a few key strategies for efficiently preparing for current events questions.

  • In order to be informed about the events taking on around the nation, students must listen to the news every day. Students must become familiar with current events in science and technology, national and worldwide defence, the arts and culture, significant events, and defence-related current affairs.
  • It is crucial to keep up with all the events and happenings from the year before to the exam.
  • Quiz competitions are required applicants to gauge their level of preparedness. Several websites provide quizzes about current events. Learners can check the quizzes to gauge their level of preparation.
  • To advance their current affairs preparation, students must examine the incorrect responses and understand the right answer.

CUET General test exam pattern

The CUET General examination will enable candidates to comprehend the exam format. The number of answers, sections that will get assessed, exam length, and other details are included in the exam pattern. The CUET Pattern for the General Test is described below:

  • The test will have a maximum of 75 questions.
  • Candidates must answer sixty questions.
  • All of the answers will be multiple-choice (MCQ) questions of an objective nature.


Wrapping up, these are the facts that say how important is the general test. Now that you are acquainted, you should begin training.

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