I Want To Study Abroad: Where To Start?

Published:Nov 17, 202310:43
I Want To Study Abroad: Where To Start?
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Studying abroad is still available to foreign applicants. Scholarships are paid, long-term student visas are issued, and there are no large-scale restrictions based on nationality. All doors are open to those wishing to study in the EU, the USA, Latin America, Asia, or the Middle East. The main thing is to prepare in advance, not to be afraid of difficulties, think through the plan, and act.

Choice of the country

This is the first and very important point of the plan.  The financial burden on the period of study, personal comfort and career prospects depend on the choice of the country. It is important to consider:

  1. The cost of tuition. In the UAE the average cost of the program is $15000 per year, in the U.S. - from $25000, in the PRC - from $5000. If you need to save money, you can enroll in low-cost universities in Europe. Tuition in Turkey and Germany starts at €300 a year.
  2. The cost of living. Life in Athens will cost on average €500 a month. In Dubai the figure is multiplied by at least two.
  3. Destination of education. Engineers of all specializations are successfully trained in Asia, the U.S. and Europe - the choice of countries for admission is vast. But to become a professional interpreter of conferences, a specialist in the management of drones or pizzaiolo is possible in some universities in Italy. If you want to study medicine, the best choice is Ireland, England or Germany. Collegepaperwritingservice.org helps students to prepare for admission and write essays. The service is provided by experienced professionals who are familiar with the intricacies of the admission process in different countries.
  4. Personal preference. Your comfort depends on the right climate and infrastructure. Not everyone will like the Middle Eastern heat at +45 degrees. The mentality of the country's residents also needs to be taken into account, it affects the ease of adaptation. It is important to understand the difference between American, European, Asian and Arab societies.

Choice of university and programs

Universities overseas differ in more than just the cost of tuition. Independent experts rank universities every year, assessing them on key quality indicators. There are national and international ratings of universities. The university with the higher score, all other things being equal, is a priority.

Together with the choice of university you need to understand the programs of study. The content of the courses depends on the profile area in which the graduate can build a career.

At the same stage, study the minimum requirements for admission and additional opportunities offered by the university:

  • Work placements during your studies
  • Language courses
  • Research opportunities
  • Exchange programs with other foreign universities
  • Guaranteed employment upon graduation, etc.

It is worth choosing several programs to increase your chances of admission

Choosing a scholarship is a way to study abroad at a discount or free of charge

Scholarship programs and grants can cover the cost of tuition, meals, accommodation and other expenses of the student. Financial support systems are practiced by Turkish, British, Korean, Arab and other foreign universities. In Italy, for example, there is a DSU program with a payment of up to €7000 and full tuition.

The requirements for applicants to scholarships depend on the specific program, university and country. One prerequisite is good academic standing. Find out about funding opportunities and the requirements for applying for scholarships early. This will increase your chances of receiving your scholarship. https://domypaper.me/ can also be a great source of information and help with writing scholarship applications.

Language exams: what to study and what to prepare for

In most countries, the student can choose the language of instruction. Foreign universities offer programs in English and the state language.

For future emigrants, studying in the language of the country is an opportunity to build a career after graduation without having to move. However, this approach limits the scope of application of the acquired skills to the territory of one state, if we are talking about languages with low prevalence: Turkish, Arabic, Hungarian, etc. In addition, it is necessary to lay an additional budget for language courses. For example, in Turkey they cost from $1200 per year.

Most students for admission choose English - a universal language used even in the Third World. It is possible to confirm their level of English without leaving the country. It is worth checking which certificate your chosen university prefers and prepare for the exam in advance.

Working with documents

The country, the program and the university are chosen and the language certificate is acquired. The dream to go abroad turns into a practical matter of collecting, preparing and sending your documents.

The set depends on the university and the program. Usually a translation is required-a transcript of the diploma, an average GPA, legalization of diplomas of previous education — an apostille. Applicants often have to write motivational and recommendation letters, attach an international exam certificate, draw up a research plan and collect a portfolio.

The main thing is to start preparing in advance! Your task is to meet the deadlines of the university.

The final step: getting the visa and finding accommodation

After sending the documents you need to wait for a response from the universities. Positive feedback gives reason to think again and choose the best option.

At the same time, it is worth taking up the registration of a student visa and insurance, and thinking about ways to pay for services.

That's all, now you need to buy tickets. Tickets to your new student life!

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