Best Personalized Gift Mugs For Everyone In Your Life

Published:Nov 17, 202319:35
Best Personalized Gift Mugs For Everyone In Your Life
Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, or just because—no matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong with giving someone a personalized gift mug. Whether you’re searching for something sweet to give a grandparent or need to knock your office gift exchange out of the park, a gift mug will always be a cherished personalized photo gift. Mugs can be funny, romantic, sweet, or silly. Not just for sipping, a great mug can pull double-duty as a candy dish, a pencil cup, or a soup bowl. Stuff a personalized mug with candy, cookies, tea bags, gift cards, office accessories, or even craft supplies and your gift mug becomes the ultimate gift wrap, too. Whether you’re looking for cool color-changing mugs, a classic photo mug to show off a family portrait, or a tumbler they can travel with, we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the perfect gift mug for everyone in your life. Jump to:

Photo Mug

Photo mugs are thoughtful gift ideas for any occasion from birthdays to Boss’ Day. Depending on the recipient, you can add a photo of the grandkids, a collage of cats, a newborn baby photo, or your latest family portraits. Here are some of our favorite ideas for photo mugs: Coffee mug with family pictures on table.
  • Want a creative way to let the family in on your baby-to-be? Present each of them with a customized coffee mug that has your ultrasound picture on it.
  • Grandparents love seeing high-quality photos of the little ones. Warm their hearts with a photo collage of all the kids.
  • If you’re in the market for the purr-fect gift for a cat lady in your life, she’ll adore a mug with all her fur-baby photos on it.
  • Show your B.F.F. how much your friendship means by gifting her with a mug that’s designed with your favorite photos of all the fun times you’ve shared.
  • If you need a heartwarming personalized photo gift to commemorate your wedding anniversary, look no further than a gold-rimmed mug with your favorite pictures from the big day.

Color Changing Mugs

Color changing mugs are a unique twist on a classic customized coffee mug. Pour a hot beverage into the heat-sensitive ceramic mug and your photo or custom message appears like magic. After it cools, the mug returns to matte black. Check out these fun ideas for color changing gift mugs:
  • Since the mugs are matte black when they’re cold, they’re perfect for a gender reveal. Give one to your spouse or buy some as favors for everyone at your gender reveal party. Smile while the mug magically reveals your secret!
  • Every morning when your sister pours herself a hot cuppa, she’ll watch your message of love and sisterhood appear before her eyes. What a wonderful way to start each day.
  • If you need a $20 gift for your upcoming Secret Santa gift exchange, look no further. A custom color changing mug will reveal how great you are at gift-giving.
  • If you need drinkware or a photo gift for a self-proclaimed “dog mom,” a dog-themed mug with her pooch’s pictures on it will be best in show.
Color changing coffee mug with photos.

Patterned Mugs

Patterned mugs bring a touch of class and style that make them a stand out gift that fits right in with the home decor. Stuff it with gourmet coffee and teas or package it along with a decorative tea towel, and it’s a gift you’ll wish you were receiving yourself! Here are some patterned mug ideas we’re crazy about:
  • Classic buffalo plaid is totally on-trend these days, especially if you’re gifting someone with country or rustic style.
  • The architect or mathematician on your shopping list will appreciate a simple, modern grid pattern on their custom mug. You can design your own coffee mug or choose a classic pattern.
  • Donut worry, be happy! That’s the message your friend will see every morning when they sip from a sweet donut-patterned mug. When you give the mug as a gift, present it along with a gift card to their favorite donut shop. Mmm!
  • Are you buying for someone with a modern aesthetic and a keen sense of style? A chevron mug is chic and oh-so-stylish—especially when you customize it with your favorite photo to make it more meaningful.

Monogrammed Mugs

Monogramming will add an elegant touch to an ordinary ceramic mug. Make your gift mug feel more personal by adding the recipient’s name or initials. Whether you’re looking for something thoughtful for Secretary’s Day or want to send the perfect pick-me-up to your coffee-loving Dad, a monogrammed mug, tumbler, or water bottle is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.
  • Sending a gift to a newlywed couple? They’ll love a set of unique mugs or drinkware beautifully monogrammed with their new married name.
  • Are you shopping for a guy who takes his cup of morning joe with him to work? When his mug is monogrammed, he’ll always know which cup at the office belongs to him.
  • Give your sister a gift mug that’s been customized with family photos and her monogram and she’ll have a reason to smile every time she reaches in the cupboard.
  • A monogrammed custom coffee mug is the perfect “just because” present that lets your spouse know they’re always on your mind.


Sometimes we could all use a little bit of inspiration, especially when we’re waking up and sipping our morning brew. Each person on your gift list will start the day on the right foot when you gift them a custom coffee mug that’s been personalized with an inspiring message you chose just for them. Coffee mugs and tumbler with quotes on table.
  • If you want to show your significant other how much they mean to you, customize their drinkware with your favorite quote about love. Be sure to add photos of the two of you together.
  • Quotes about grandmothers are easy to find and, when one graces a custom mug you give your grandma, it’ll be more meaningful to her than you can imagine. She’ll also love that you decided to design your own mug.
  • If you’ve got a music lover in your life, they’ll appreciate a mug designed with their favorite song lyrics as a keepsake they can use daily.
  • If you like to keep it light, puns are always a great go-to quote idea. Let your girlfriend know you love her a whole “latte” or gift her with a mug that tells her she’s “tea-riffic!”

Latte Mugs

Personalized mugs are truly the photo gift that keeps on giving. And, for those who are serious about their coffee and tea, a customized extra-large latte cup will put a smile on their face. They’re more than just drinkware! These giant mugs are perfect for soup, cereal, snacks, and desserts, too. Latte photo mug with snowman marshmallows.
  • Shopping for an animal lover? A paw-print latte mug with their pet’s smiling face on it will be a cherished gift. Fill it with dog treats or cat toys to make it extra special.
  • Does your child have the best teacher ever? Let them know they’re appreciated with a latte mug that tells them just how great you think they are.
  • Let your little one know you love them to the moon and back. They may be too young for coffee, but they’ll adore having their very own personalized cereal bowl.
  • Your gift will be the talk of the bridal shower when you gift the bride-to-be with a personalized latte mug that lets the world know she’s getting hitched. Fill the mug with some decadent chocolates and a gift card to the spa and she’ll really feel pampered.

Travel Mug And Coffee Tumbler

If the person on your gift list is always on the go, give them a thoughtful photo gift to keep their favorite faces and meaningful memories with them all the time. From busy moms to college students, and co-workers with a long commute to loved ones who love to travel, insulated travel mugs and coffee tumblers are great gifts for people who are always on the move. Coffee mugs and to-go cups.
  • For a mom that’s always running from PTA meetings to soccer practice, running errands, and running the house, gift her with a travel mug with photos of her family to let her know how much she’s appreciated.
  • Does your bestie like to indulge in a glass (or two) of wine from time to time? If she’s a wine drinker, an insulated coffee tumbler that says “This Might be Wine” is the perfect present.
  • If you’re shopping for a jet-setting travel buff, they’ll adore a stainless steel insulated custom mug that’s been designed with photos from all the places they’ve been.
  • Let grandpa know he’s the World’s Greatest by presenting him with a travel mug designed with photos of all the grandkids.

Final Thoughts On Personalized Gift Mugs

When it comes to giving a great gift, personalization is everything. No matter who is on your list and no matter what they drink, a custom mug or travel coffee tumbler will put a smile on their face. Another item that makes a stunning gift from your heart to their home is beautifully etched drinkware and glassware from Shutterfly.

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