Top A.R. Rahman Quotes About Music- Every Singer Should Know Messages of (Grammy Winner A R Rahman)

Published:Nov 17, 202319:57
Top A.R. Rahman Quotes About Music- Every Singer Should Know Messages of (Grammy Winner A R Rahman)
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Top A.R. Rahman Quotes About Music- Every Singer Should Know Messages of (Grammy Winner A R Rahman) : Music starts like a heart beat and once it beats everyone forgets everything, it is the magnet of music- A.R. Rahman. In the music world one hero who has won the Grammy award in 2010 is A.R. Rahman. Allah Rakha Rahman is a Indian sound king who is a film director and singer, songwriter of Bollywood world. He was born on 06 January 1967 in Madras state Tamil Nadu. His father R.K. Shekhar was also a musician so A.R. Rahman also got interested in music in early age of life. Soon in early age his father got death and it was the complex moment of Rahman life when he was nine year old. Because of the financial conditions he gave up his school and it was the time that A. R. Rahman begging in streets. After some time Rahman attended the MCN school where he got music talent. Soon the music king founded Chennai based Rock music band and now all know that he is the music magician of world.

There are many Music awards like as Grammy Awards, Bafta Awards, National film Awards, Golden Globe Awards and other music awards that he has won in music world. So friends here is Top Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Greetings by A.R. Rahman that you can share with your friends and close one's.

Brief Wikipedia of A.R. Rahman

NameA.R. Rahman
ProfessionMusic Composer, Song Writer
Born06 July 1967
Net worth595 Crore Indian Rupees
Famous Music99 Songs, Le Musk
AwardsGrammy, Golden Globe, BAFTA

Thunder Quotes, Messages by A.R. Rahman

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Everyone man achieved in his life are the best gifts of god, everyone should accept it, may be it will be great sorrow or deep happiness.

There was a time that My mom and me were begging money for survive in life, it was really a big challenge that my mom face, I salute all mothers that do their children everything possible to their.

A.R. Rahman Quote image

Challenges and hurdles are the part of life, but champions make them art of life.

Everyone has reason to be succeed in life, and reason is why, and who know this why answer is the successful personality in life.

Music is not a song, it is heart sorrow and happiness that waves in air.

Rock King A.R. Rahman Motivational lines

  • Everyone should not listen my music long time, there are many musicians are also who do best in compare of me.
  • I think music is an interest and it is not part of profession of make money, it's, sound wave that can divert someone deep sorrow for few time.
  • There is not shortcut of success.
  • So long as you do it truthfully, music is not to be judged.

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