Best Custom Metal Prints To Hang In Your Home

Published:Nov 17, 202319:35
Best Custom Metal Prints To Hang In Your Home
Best Custom Metal Prints To Hang In Your Home
Custom metal photo prints are pieces of high-quality wall art that add a modern touch to your home. This type of wall art boasts rich colors in a sleek format to showcase your favorite photos. From ideation to custom sizes and layouts—this simple guide breaks down how to create your own metal art prints from scratch. Your custom metal prints are the perfect keepsake to celebrate the best moments in your life. Add your favorite photos, custom text, or a monogram to create a series of photo gifts that your loved ones can commemorate for years. How To Make Metal Prints | Metal Print Sizes | Metal Print Ideas

How To Make Metal Photo Prints

With a frameless design and durable material, custom prints on metal have a longevity far beyond a typical framed piece. You may be wondering exactly what is a metal print? In short, it’s custom wall art with a distinct metallic look that lasts longer than most typical prints. Photo prints can be as busy or as simple as you like. Pair an album of photos with customized monograms or create a simple design with plenty of negative space. Custom prints hanging in home

Step 1: Choose Your Size

First, measure your wall and decide what size is right for your art print display. Choose between 9 standard sizes:
  • 8×10
  • 10×14
  • 10×24
  • 12×12
  • 12×36
  • 16×16
  • 16×20
  • 20×30
  • 24×36

Step 2: Create A Theme

Is your custom metal print home decor for a specific room or are you planning a gallery wall with mixed sizes? Narrow down your wall art theme with the options below.
  • Type: Options include single piece, multi-minis, or multi-piece gallery.
  • Occasion: Choose your favorite photos from vacations or holidays. Or, other important occasions like getting a new pet, buying a new home, or your wedding day.
  • Text: Include only text with a simple caption, a date, name, or no text at all.

Step 3: Select Your Layout

Your layout will depend on the number of photos you want to include in your custom metal photo prints. The size of your print will also depend on the number of images you rearrange, some including room for custom text.

Step 4: Add Your Photos

Make sure the photos you include are high-quality prints. Upload one or more photos to your design and arrange them in your favorite way. Capture a story from your vacation beginning to end in a series, or arrange your photos with a color scheme in mind. The possibilities are endless!

Step 5: Choose Your Finish

The finish you select will give your custom metal prints the splash of personality your home decor may need. Choose between:
  • Brushed Metal Surface: This look allows a silver base coat to shine through, which enhances metallic elements while muting the photo’s colors.
  • True Color Surface: This finish has a white base coat which invites the rich colors of your photo to pop.
  • Glossy Finish: This finish can be paired with any surface to give the art print a vibrant and crisp appearance.
  • Matte Finish: This finish can be paired with any surface for a subdued, muted look.
If a metal finish doesn’t fit your home’s color palette, try personalized acrylic prints for a contemporary alternative. Various size custom prints hanging on wall

Metal Print Sizes

With a wide array of sizing options, the ideas are endless when it comes to designing your custom metal prints. First, measure your wall space and figure out how much coverage you want from your metal prints. If you’re getting multiple prints, measure out how much space you want to add in between each photo. Use the measurements below as a guide to mark the areas your new art pieces will be placed on the wall.


This is the smallest option for a metal art print. These adorable pieces can fare well on their own as tabletop decor or hung side-by-side on a wall.


This standard size gives plenty of options to create a piece of your dreams with one photo, or many. Because it’s small, you can easily mix and match prints for an eclectic look.


Slightly larger than the previous, this piece looks perfectly designed in a landscape or portrait layout. Pair with small and large art to create visual appeal.


Because it’s long, this size is perfect for an elegant panoramic picture or even a long text overlay. It’s perfect to hang above a couch or television to cover empty wall space.


Create symmetry on a slightly larger surface area with this size option. If you have a large empty wall, it makes a lovely single photo or paired with multiple to grab your guest’s attention.


Stack three photos on one another, or use the space with one long panoramic shot. Either way, this size is perfect for any narrow space.


This symmetric size provides many different design options, from choosing one photo to letting a background shine through and everything in between.


Commemorate your photos with special text, or even use a chalkboard on half of this metal photo print size.


Perfectly place four photos on this print, or design something of your very own. If you have an empty floor to ceiling wall, consider hanging this print halfway up with a plant on the other side.


As the largest size option, you have plenty of space to capture your aesthetic. If you have an empty wall in your bedroom, this is a great way to add special quotes and your favorite photos.

Metal Print Ideas

Consider what wall art will pair nicely with your metal print when planning out your home decor. The image quality is also important when narrowing down your options. Because you’re not able to change your photo down the line, it’s important to make sure you select carefully when you’re in the design stage. Gallery wall of custom prints on brick

Modern Wall Art

Your metal print in itself lends a gorgeous modern aesthetic to transform a single photo or a collage.

Wood Wall Art

Add a faux-wood background to your metal print for a rustic aesthetic.

Outdoor Wall Art

Nothing says the great outdoors like a few photos of a vacation in the woods, complete with your favorite campfire song lyric.

Dorm Decor

If your teen is going off to college, give them something to remember the family with photos he or she can cherish while they’re away.

Bathroom Wall Art

Consider hanging some of your favorite landscape portraits, like a serene lake, in your bathroom for a calming atmosphere.

3 Piece Wall Art

Breaking up your photos into threes is a unique look that can add some oomph to your space.

Simple Wall Decorations

Have an eye for design? Overlay a few design elements with a photo or two for eye-catching art.

Inspirational Wall Art

Add your favorite quote to your design for a pick-me-up piece that the whole family will love.

Bedroom Wall Decor

Give your child a sense of ownership with a monogrammed print with his or her favorite photos.

Beach Wall Art

Nothing says calm quite like the beach. Add a few of your sandiest shots to your metal print for a relaxing look. After you’ve received your custom metal wall art, make sure to hang them on a stud rather than directly on the drywall or plaster. Metal material is heavier than a standard frame or canvas prints, so use extra precaution.

Final Thoughts

Whatever design you choose, any metal print is bound to be a showstopper in your living space and home decor. Whether you’re capturing the birth of your new baby, your wedding vows, or creating a custom photo gift, metal prints are a long-lasting keepsake to be enjoyed by everyone. Create your own metal custom prints with these personalization tips.

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