Inspirational Life Changing Quotes by Immanuel Kant - Secret Philosophy Theory about Life, Love, Death

Published:Nov 17, 202320:02
Inspirational Life Changing Quotes by Immanuel Kant - Secret Philosophy Theory about Life, Love, Death
Inspirational Life Changing Quotes by Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant - Secret Philosophy Theory : As a Philosopher, as a world foremost thinker and also a prudent aura one name is enough that is Immanuel Kant. He was a German philosopher that is most important figures in world philosophy world. There is no field in which his contribution can't reach like as he was best in epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and also social psychological science. Emmanuel Kant was born on 22 April 1724 in Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia), and died on February 12, 1804. King's most influential work that astonished whole world that was "Critique of Pure Reason" (1781), and it was the milestone foundation that many knowledge and existence theory comes in this secret world. He was not a ordinary person, his mindset totally focused on broader philosophical system and it's vital influence on human nature. King's whole philosophical theory revolves around three questions that are " What can I know ? What should I do ? What may I hope ? " these are three theory that is foundation of human mind. So friends, today in this article we will know about Immanuel Kant Wikipedia, Biography, Born, Death, Ethics Theory, Love Philosophy, Life Quotes, Enlightenment Theory by Kant that you can share with your friends and close one's.

Wikipedia and Personal Life Immanuel Kant

NameImmanuel Kant
ProfessionPhilosopher, Thinker
Born22 April 1724 in Königsberg, Prussia
DeathFebruary 12, 1804
EducationCollegium Fridericianum University of Königsberg
Notable Work"Critique of Pure Reason" (1781)
PhilosophyKantian philosophy, Kantian ethics, Kantian aesthetics

Notable Work and Social Contribution by Immanuel Kant

No doubt that Kant's was a great philosopher, he was prominent in philosophical work and give many theory that change the world entirely. Here we can understand her philosophical knowledge that enlighten human life-

  1. "Critique of Pure Reason" : This was the complex theory in which he told the world that how a person observe the world and how they make a believe in human mind.
  2. "What is Enlightenment" : The second foremost theory in which Kant says that every person want to freedom, and what is definition, but this freedom is socially prepared by one's socially environment.
  3. "Existence of God" : Existence of God was his notable work, according to his notable philosophy he believes in the existence in God and describes that there is a universal power in the world, that controls and manipulates whole universe energy.
  4. "Perpetual Tranquility" : Tranquility and Peace are the core of life, one's want to make some environmental circumstance in which he would be silent but Kant's theory it is quietly impossible in a social environment.

Immanuel Kant Philosophy on Life

According to Immanuel Kant there is only one purpose of life and that is to fascinate things every moment. So people always want to seek it but real happiness only achieved by the experience of life. Happiness' is not a momentary aspects of life, but it is real thing on which a person want to achieve their life goal. Besides it there are many philosophical notions that is also connected with his life philosophy.

Inspirational Wishes, Quotes, Greetings by Immanuel Kant

"Theory defines a life and it's outer views that appears in world, but experience defines enlightenment that are hidden in inner world. "

"Experience and theory both are awesome, sometimes theory mitigates experience and experience mitigates theory. "

"To be depends on to do, every designation and status depends on yesterday experiences but to achieve a status depends on today work. "

"Enlightenment is not simply a destination to reach, but a journey to be embraced with every thought and action."

"Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law."

"Morality is not a product of circumstance, but a fundamental principle that guides our actions."

"Reason is the compass that steers us towards the shores of truth and understanding."

"Freedom is not merely the absence of external restraints, but the ability to act in accordance with one's own rational will."

"Through the pursuit of knowledge, we liberate ourselves from the chains of ignorance and expand the boundaries of human understanding."

"Humanity has a duty to treat every individual as an end in themselves, never as a mere means to an end."

"The true measure of a society's progress lies not in its wealth or power, but in the moral character of its citizens."

"The moral law within us is not imposed by external forces, but arises from our own rational nature."

"Live in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, always as an end and never merely as a means."

"To live better it is necessary to observe outer world greater, beliefs are momentary actions that can be broken by experiences. "

"Definition of existence only may be feel by oneself experience, all theory may be right or wrong but one should prefer his own life experience. "

"Happiness is a imagination, that wanders in your mind's dream that was a great incredible thought in your mind. "

"Life is not a long journey, it is a observation theory, something is special in every seconds in everyone life."

"Millions part of a second changes everyone life, social circumstance and designation. "

"Immaturity is the lack of capacity of your own intelligence and talent that is universal power to observe anything in world."

Life Changing Messages, Sayings by Immanuel Kant

  • There is universal law to do something amazing in life, it may be intellectual anatomy that related to principles.
  • Without universal law moral actions and their output can't be approach, so ever and forever perceive your ideas with profound impact.
  • I'm fascinated by two things that is this universe that is spread anywhere and second is inner world, who is millions time wider than real universe.
  • Cultivate your own ideas and thoughts with real nature principle, there is no complex rule that may challenge nature law.
  • There is a universal power around the world, that binds a person in some imperative and moral ethics, and we all should follow it.
  • There is too much difference in craze and interest, your craze finish in some day and upcoming weeks but your interest exist forever.


Who was Emmanuel Kant ?

He was a German philosopher, teacher and also foremost thinker, that write many books like as Critique of Reason, What is enlightenment and so all.

What is date of Birth of Emmanuel Kant ?

He was born on 22 April 1724 in Königsberg, Prussia.

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