Happy International Asteroid Day 2024 History, Significance, Quotes, Reports, Facts, Greetings

Published:Nov 17, 202322:32
Happy International Asteroid Day 2024 History, Significance, Quotes, Reports, Facts, Greetings
Happy International Asteroid Day|

Happy International Asteroid Day 2024 History, Significance, Quotes, Reports, Facts, Greetings : International Asteroid Day every year is celebrated on 30 June globally to educate people the risks and opportunities future of asteroids. Officially this day was observed from a astronomical movie 51 that was released in 2014. Asteroids are star like particles that are the storage of gigantic gas cloud. Solar system is well known habitat of Asteroids where they are found between Mercury and Neptune. Initially Asteroids were symbol of blasted planet but later it proved that they are not exceed mass of our moon. The first time International Asteroid Day was celebrated in 2015. So friends here are History, Significance, Quotes, Reports about International Asteroid Day that will be informative for all.

Significance History of International Asteroid Day

 International Asteroid Day

Asteroid history is full of with ancient scientific facts, first time asteroid was found by Johann Elert Bode who told about the Asteroid world first. Frist Ceres was found in 1801 and after then Pallas was found by Royal Astronomical Society. 99942 Apophis is the biggest asteroid of the astronomical globe. Most of the asteroids found from Mars and Jupiter. Trojans are the mature part of Asteroids that also found the near the orbit of moon. Major asteroids which found near earth are found in semi major axis and perihelion distance.

International Asteroid Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Slogans

Asteroids are so big that they can collapse earth many times, it is not only danger but also serious concern. Happy International Asteroid Day 2024.

Our universe is so vital that all can be imagine, there are many asteroids that are millions time greater than earth.

If the earth hits asteroids it will be game changing event in which all civilization will be collapse.

There are no possibilities that an asteroid can damage universe but one possibility still alive that can finish all.

An asteroid can literally destroy 80 or 90 percent of the species that are alive on Earth.

Top Five Asteroids, Symbols and Discovery

Asteroid NameSymbolYear
CeresOld planetary symbol of Ceres1801
PallasOld symbol of Pallas 1802
JunoOld symbol of Juno1804
VestaOld planetary symbol of Vesta1807
AstraeaAstraea symbol (fixed width).svg1845


When International Asteroids Day is celebrated ?

30 June.

World biggest Asteroid ?


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