Happy World Mosquito Day (20 August 2023) - Know Special Day History, Significance, Wishes, Quotes, Theme, Slogans, Status to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:48
Happy World Mosquito Day (20 August 2023) - Know Special Day History, Significance, Wishes, Quotes, Theme, Slogans, Status to Share
Happy World Mosquito Day|World Mosquito Day 2023 Theme|Initiatives and Activities on World Mosquito Day 2023|Happy World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day Detail: Every year World Mosquito Day is celebrated on 20 August to spread awareness about most influencing diseases and concerns that are spread by different types mosquito species and their vectors. There are many Mosquito parasites that enters in human body and directly and indirectly affects human physical and mental health. Besides it, this is the day when Ronald Ross discovered first Malaria Parasite and we celebrate this day as a special day on their birth day anniversary celebration. Motive to celebrate this hopefully day to create awareness about treatment and controlling of many diseases that generates by mosquitoes. First time this day was celebrated on 20 August 1987.

There are many organizations that work as parent organization to mitigate these diseases and also prepare annual report on this special day. According to U.S research and World Health Organization, there are 6.2 lakhs civilians got death because of mosquito diseases Malaria that is a big number of causalities and besides it there are 84 countries who also suffering from this severe disease. So friends, today in this article we will know about World Mosquito Day History, Wikipedia, Importance, Significance, Theme 2023, Celebration Activities, Theme, Quotes, Greetings, Status that you can share with your friends and close one's.

Why We Celebrate World Mosquito Day ?

Happy World Mosquito Day

The purpose to celebrate this hopefully day is to understand the transmission of Malaria and other mosquito transmitted disease and create awareness about research and interventions to prevent these all causalities forever. Besides its second most figure to commemorate this special day is to inform people about the prevention measures of illness and recuperation methods of mosquito bites. So this is a global effort among people and governments, communities, public gathering to improve their health and wealth forever. There is many causalities occurs every year as mosquito borne diseases so this day significant day to understanding of vector borne diseases of malaria to improve Public Health.

World Mosquito Day 2023 Wiki Highlights

EventWorld Mosquito Day 2023
TypeHealth, Awareness
Celebration date20 August 2023
Significanceawareness about understanding transmission of malaria and research interventions mosquito transmitting diseases
Founder of DayRonald Ross
Traditional Celebration byThe London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Total Causalities globally6.2 lakhs (2021)
1st Malaria Free CountryGrenada, Saint Lucia
Common mosquito diseases Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, Dengue, Malaria
Hashtags of Day#worldmosquitoday2023special

World Mosquito Day 2023 Theme

World Mosquito Day 2023 Theme

"Time to deliver zero malaria: invest, innovate, implement" is theme of World Malaria Day 2023. World Mosquito Day 2023 theme is also focused on reaching zero malaria causalities, however 2023 theme will be updated soon. There are many diseases that can be prevent by zero Malaria and reducing their risk of cases. It is opportunity that we can contribute to make a global effort of proper cleanliness and sanitize our public places of unwanted growth of mosquitoes that are vector of many mosquito transmitting causalities. With a proper cleanliness and proper awareness we can eliminate all diseases that are related to mosquito and its severe effects. Theme also informs us advance medicine techniques and innovative development of new methods of controlling mosquito populations and preventing mosquito borne diseases.

Initiatives and Activities on World Mosquito Day 2023

Initiatives and Activities on World Mosquito Day 2023

There are many initiatives and activities that we can take on World Mosquito Day 2023. We can hold some meetings and seminars that will inform us about transmission, prevention and treatment of mosquito related diseases. Besides it we can join many NGO's and welfare society that will educate people about spread of mosquito transmission and proper sanitation. We can also use many social media campaigns and social awareness about public health to protective measures like bed nets and insect repellents, community clean up events, school programs and research fundraising events also. So overall this is the day when we can learn about mosquito behaviors and whole anatomy research to prevent their severe causalities.

World Mosquito Day 2023 Wishes, Quotes, Greetings to Share

On the special day of World Mosquito Day, take a initiative of cleanliness on public places and gathering places to protect our beautiful society from menace of Mosquito transmission diseases.

Wishing a happy and grateful World Mosquito Day 2023, to create a big magic in mosquito world.

A short tiny effort of eliminate mosquito change our beautiful sprits, lets change the world with a mosquito free and healthy world.

Health is wealth and mosquito are terror but with raising awareness we can reduce causalities of mosquito transmission diseases.

Mosquito are small creature but there influence is spreading vitally let's make some effort to prevention their growth forever.

Happy World Mosquito day 2023 to foster a amazing mosquito free world, we are great that to establish initiative with a healthier and happier world.

For a safe and secure Mosquito Day raise our voices and spread awareness on World Mosquito Day free campaign on social media.

With a minor step of World Mosquito Day celebrate this special day with a buzzing progress.

This is not a individual person effort but it is initiative to whole community to create a healthier and happier world forever.


On which date World Mosquito Day is celebrated ?

20 August 2023

Which Mosquitos are Vector of Mosquito Transmission Diseases ?

There are many vector like as Culex, Aqatic Snails, Anopheles are vector of different types diseases.

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