Happy April Fool Day 2024 Messages for Friends

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Happy April Fool Day 2024 Messages for Friends
April fool message

Happy April Fool Day 2024 Messages for Friends: Looking for some April Fool SMS Messages, you are at the right place with a lot of best April Fool Messages and April Fool memes too. April 1st is the funniest day of the year, on this day people make fool to family members, relatives, friends, and loved ones, so, everybody is aware of upcoming April 1st, if not get ready to be fooled :D. If you need some of the best April Fool SMS messages then here you will find best out of best April Fool Day messages.

Here you will get some April Fool quotes and messages which you can send to your friends and relatives on this April Fool Day. Find out the best or the funny among these April Fools messages and send them to your friends. You know it’s the day to have fun with all your fellows. On this day people give shocking news and make them surprised and no one gonna punishes for lying instead they will laugh later that you fooled them on this April Fool Day. This day also gives people memories for a lifetime. Well here we have a total of 50+ funny, shocking, kidding April Fool messages and quotes, so, keep in touch with us and get the best collection. Looking for some Hindi & English April Fool Messages they are too included at the bottom. Enjoy!

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April fools messages in Hindi

April Fool Day, Images, Funny, Quotes

31st March ho ya 1st april Fool to Fool hi hota hai.Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyful Fool Day to the King of Fools www.wewishes.com

Plz don't read this
Nahi to
ho jayega

Arre wahi
jis se hum darte hai
wahi jo is umar me aksar ho jata hai
dekha ho gaya na

mil gaya,
mil gaya mughe KOI mil gaya.....
oye oye mil gia
mil gia , oye mil gia
sach me mil gaya Yaar..............
April main mara SMS padhne wala ik or FOOL mil gaya, HELLO FOOL

Anewala Kal Tumhara Hai.
Tumhara Tha.
Tumhara Hi Rhega.
Us pr Tumhara Hi Haq hai.
Socho Kyon?
Kyuki kal 1st APRIL Hai.

A – You r Attractive
B – You r the Best
C – You r Cute
D – You r Dear 2 Me
E – You r Excellent
F – You r Funny
G – You r Good-Looking
H – hehehe
I – I’m
J – JOKING ???? www.wewishes.com

In hasino se Rasme Wafa
or Dil Lagana sarasar bhool hai
Jis din ye ikrar karen mohabbat ka Samajh lena us din APRIL FOOL hai

Sine me dil,
Dil me dard,
Dard me yaqin,
Yaqin me khyal,
Khayal me khwab,
Khuwab me tasvir
Tasvir me sirf ap!
Itna Darawna khuwab?
Baap re Baap www.wewishes.com

impossible to make u FOOL

Phulon se khoobsurat koi nahi.
Sagar se gahara koi nahi.
Aab aapki kya tarif karu...
Dost me aap jaisa...
Nalayak koi nahi! www.wewishes.com

Rangeen Ho tum rangon Se Bhi Zyada
Khubsoorat ho Tum Khoobsoorti Se Bhi zyada
Agar Aisa sochte Ho to
BewQoof Ho Tum Sab Se Zyada???? www.wewishes.com

Logon Ko Bewaqoof Banane Ke 7 Tariqe

Ye Pehla Tha..
Baqi Kal Bataunga…Hanso Mat, Jaldi Se Frwd Kero..Happy April Fool. ;-)

Mujhe ap ki ak baat pata laghi hai,
Zara free ho ker call kerna
Sub ko forward kerO, dakhna kitna loog 'FOOL' bante hain, April Fool www.wewishes.com

Aapke haath me
mobile hai..
Chehere pe khubh c
smile hai...
SMS ki aChchi khasi
File hai...
Phir bhi
SMS nahi karte...
yaar, yeh kaun sa
chutiyapa hai?? www.wewishes.com

You Are “UltiMate”
You Are “Loveable”
You Are “Lovely”
You Are “Unique”..
In Short You Are Ullu… ???????? www.wewishes.com

jis taraf dekho aapka hi naam hai
jis taraf dekho aapka hi naam hai
upar likha hai most wanted
niche 25paise ka inaam hai ???????????? www.wewishes.com

April fool is d celebration of d fool, for d fool, by d fool
so why u reading just celebrate it www.wewishes.com

Gadha Bandha hua hai
Batao wo door padi Ghas ko kese khayega
socho???? www.wewishes.com

April fools messages in English

April Fool Day, Images, Funny, Quotes

It has been years since I met you and over all these years I have realized t hat you are worth a million dollars.
So if you don’t mind then can I please sell you and become rich?

Hey, just wanted to tell you that I have got engaged and will be getting married on 1st April…. Idiot I just made a fool out of you….it’s Fools Day.

April Fool’s Day has been cancelled this year. But don’t worry, we will dedicate some other day for you.

Today is sApril Fool’s Day.
Believe nothing and trust no one.
Just like any other day.

What is the difference between a wise & a fool?

Today is the day when the world celebrates the existence of people like you, their personality and views. You are just so lucky!

 Listen! Watch the news right now. Aliens have contacted the Earth.

I want U to know that U are very important to me, It's impossible for me to live without U even 4 a second! U r my life & I can feel U everywhere.... DON'T MIND I WAS TALKING ABOUT OXYGEN...

I wasn't born a fool. It took work to get this way. - Danny Kaye

If a million people believe a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing. - Anatole France

If all the fools in this world should die, lordly God how lonely I should be. - Mark Twain

I wnt u to b wit me in a nice restaurant 2 hav candlelight Dinner & say thos 3 sweet word 2 u. Pay The Bill

If ever in your life u r very sad n feel that u have lost everything, i’ll come, hold ur hand, take u 4 walk on a bridge and show u where 2 jump from.

If every fool wore a crown, we should all be kings. - Welsh Proverb

If it thunders on All Fool’s Day,
Expect good crops of corn and hay.

Funny April Fools Day Messages

Some people can’t distinguish a harmful joke from a cruel prank. I hope you’re not this kind of person and all your jokes are really funny!

There are a lot of languages on our planet, but laugh is the language that doesn’t need any translation and can be understood by everyone. Happy April Fool’s day!

 It takes courage to make a fool of yourself and YOU have already done a good job.

Somebody misses you every second and wants to meet you as soon as possible. Guess who? Your chimpanzee friend in the zoo…

Listen! Watch the news right now. Aliens have contacted the Earth.

Today, tomorrow and forever
There will be one heart
That would always beat for you.
You know whose???
Your Own Stupid!!! 

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