Happy World Anesthesia Day (2024) History, Significance, Quotes, Wishes, Theme, Status to Share

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Happy World Anesthesia Day (2024) History, Significance, Quotes, Wishes, Theme, Status to Share
World Anesthesia Day 2022|World Anesthesia Day|World Anesthesia Day|

Happy World Anesthesia Day 2024: Every year World Anesthesia Day is celebrated on 16 October in the remembrance of first successful Diethyl Ether as a anesthetic medicine in medical history. It was the successful effort that transformed whole medical history and hospitalism. There is no field significant field that is completed without ether dome. All surgical operations , medical treatment surgery and surgical actions are successfully operated with diethyl, mostly it is used as anesthetic to temporary loss of sensation or awareness and induced for medical and veterinary actions also. With the anesthesia drugs and fluids patient achieve senseless and painless performance and it is most significant drug fluid that enable a patient temporary senseless to relief of pain. So friends here is the World Anesthesia Day 2024 History, Significance, Quotes, Wishes, Theme, Status to Share that you can share with your close one's.

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World Anesthesia Day 2024 Highlights

Event World Anesthesia Day 2024
Date 16 October
Observe by UN members
Frequency Annual
1st observation 16th October 1846
Significance to aware about first anesthetic fluid diethyl ether and it's medicine uses
Hashtag of day #worldanesthesiaday2022

History and Significant World Anesthesia Day

World anesthesia history is so ancient and first time this day was commemorated on16th October 1846 by the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthsiosologists. Annually for this significant day 16 October is fixed by all UN members. World's oldest anesthesia was is alcohol who is popular sedatives and it was used in ancient Mesopotamia thousands years of ago. Besides it, China also harvested opium plant for sedative medicine use early as 300 B.C.E.

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World Anesthesia Day 2024 Theme

World Anesthesia Day 2024 is "Anaesthesia and Cancer Care" Theme focuses on the special care of children and old disabled persons. There are many children who are suffering from the many disease so theme special focuses on the children care. This theme is setup by ANZCA in Australia and New Zeeland.

World Anesthesia Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages

World Anesthesia Day Wishes, Quotes
Template for background, banner, card, poster with text inscription. Vector illustration

It is the invention that was the necessity of era, anesthesia fluid and drugs are the root present surgery operations. Happy World Anesthesia Day 2024.

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Sedatives, Adjuncts, Neuromuscular-blocking drugs, Narcotics, and Analgesics are the types of anesthesia that changed the medical history.

World Anesthesia Day
World Anaesthesia Day concept vector. Event is celebrated in16 October. Reanimation equipment for unconscious patients. Intensive care unit clinic with air oxygen sensor for medical ventilation.

Let's regard thanks all anesthesiologist  who are member of whole surgical department, on the significant day World Anesthesia Day 2024.

There is no surgical operation possible without anesthetic drugs, we salute all who practices anesthesia and make proper plan to specializing in perioperative care, developing anesthetic ideas.  

Warmth wishes to all surgical physician and anesthesiologists on this special day of World Anesthesia Day.

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World Anesthesia Day
World Anaesthesia Day Banner Design illustration

On which date World Anesthesia Day is celebrated every year ?

16 October

What is the prime motive to celebrate World Anesthesia Day ?

Motive to celebrate this day is to enhance reach about innovative inventions of anesthetic drugs. The day focuses on modern techniques in anesthetic fluids and their medicine uses.

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