A Timeline for Recovery: How Long Is Rehab for Alcohol?

Published:Mar 23, 202423:26
A Timeline for Recovery: How Long Is Rehab for Alcohol?

Excessive drinking is prevalent in the United States, with 17 percent of adults participating in binge drinking. Participating in excessive drinking can result in lingering consequences and health issues. If you feel yourself becoming dependent on alcohol, it's essential to seek help for your health and wellness.

An alcohol rehab center has the resources and environment to help you find sobriety and happiness. It's fair to wonder, "How long is rehab for alcohol addiction?" Learning more about the process will help you know what to expect to achieve sober living again.

You're a step away from finding the peace you deserve after experiencing alcohol addiction. Continue reading to take the first step toward a sober life today!

How Long Is Rehab for Alcohol Addiction?

Overcoming alcohol addiction requires patience and commitment. The standard program lasts four weeks to help you regain sobriety and progress toward a healthy body and mind. The alcohol detox phase is where your treatment program begins.

After detoxing, you'll advance to therapy and treatment sessions. It's the ideal way to diagnose the underlying reasons behind the addiction. The last phase involves relapse prevention to help you stay on course with recovery.

Here's a breakdown of what you should expect when getting help from an alcohol rehab center.

Alcohol Detox Phase

The alcohol detox phase is an unpleasant but necessary step for treating alcohol addiction. The toxins will be removed from your body, and your cravings for more alcohol will diminish.

The standard detox timeline takes one to two weeks. The worst symptoms subside after ten days. The most significant factor for the detox process is the amount of alcohol you've consumed.

Treatments and Therapy

After detox, you'll explore different treatment and therapy options. Your needs, addiction history, and mental wellness will determine the treatments.

Stress management, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family mediation are popular treatment options for alcohol abuse. Music therapy and family visits are other options to work through the addiction.

The therapy and treatment options will fill two weeks of your recovery period. It's the ideal time to work through the causes of addiction. You can use this period to set the foundation for sober living with help from the best rehab in maryland.

Relapse Prevention

When you exit the alcohol rehab center, you'll still have much work to do to prevent a relapse into old habits. The first three months after rehab carry the highest risk for a relapse.

You'll need at least 12 months to feel you're in the clear from addiction disorders. The total process will take around 13 months from start to finish.

Seek Help for Alcohol Addiction Today

Questioning how long is rehab for alcohol addiction is complex, with each person facing a different timeline and road to recovery. Expect the process to take over one year, from start to finish.

The alcohol detox takes up to two weeks, while treatment and therapy can take an equal amount of time. Expect to take 12 months after leaving the alcohol rehab center to achieve sober living.

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