Your Ultimate Guide to Growing Weed

Published:Feb 12, 202408:58
Your Ultimate Guide to Growing Weed

Marijuana is a beneficial herbal remedy that is growing in popularity as more states legalize it for medical and recreational use. Seventeen percent of people in the US smoke or consume cannabis on a consistent basis, setting up a thriving market for different marijuana strains. One of the best ways to capitalize on the growth is by learning the basics of growing weed.

Learning to take cannabis seeds and grow them into thriving and budding plants is a step toward self-reliance. You can access quality buds from your backyard or private grow facility.

Fortunately, you've arrived at this handy guide to the tips you can use when you begin learning to grow cannabis. Continue reading to take your plants to new heights today!

Sort the Lighting

Cannabis plants require significant light between the germination and flowering processes. It's a good rule of thumb to ensure they have between 18 and 22 hours of light to provide the nutrients and resources necessary to produce potent flowers.

You must maintain a delicate balance for your plants when they begin flowering. Lower the amount of light they're receiving to 12 hours daily. The plant growth after the flowering phase is most effective with darkness.

Placing your cannabis plants in constant light puts them into a vegetative state. If you mess up your lighting, you won't produce the flowers you're hoping for.

Growing your cannabis plants outdoors will help them get the nutrients they need. The seasons and weather will regulate the necessary light to help the plants thrive.

Limit Fertilizer Use

Fertilizer is like cologne, with a cutoff point where you've gone too far. Use the same mentality to fertilize your plants that you'd use when preparing for a night out with your friends or significant other. Less is more when using fertilizer and growing marijuana.

Cannabis plants differ from other plants since they don't require many nutrients from outside sources. You want to provide fertilizer to prevent vitamin deficiencies. The cannabis plant is hardy and knows how to care for itself.

Using too much fertilizer will burn the plant. You'll notice changes at the tips of the cannabis plant's leaves due to the excess nutrients. You'll decrease the yield from each weed plant you over-fertilize.

Utilize Droughts

It sounds cruel on the surface, but you want to cause your weed plants to dry out before watering them again. Doing so puts your marijuana plants through hardships that help them bounce back with increased resiliency. Monitor your plants and wait to water them until you notice the leaves curling at the end.

The lack of water will stress the plants but result in potent products. The marijuana plants face hormonal changes when experiencing more stress. Use that to your advantage to grow potent marijuana products from your home.

It's worth noting that stress is essential for survival. Using this method, you'll create a higher concentration of THC, and your plants will stand up better to the elements.

Choose the Best Cannabis Strains

Not all cannabis strains are created equal. You must do your research into the best strains to grow when you start your endeavor of growing weed for your medical and personal needs.

Strains vary based on the size of the plants and the potency of THC and other natural compounds. The aroma and effects you'll experience when using will also vary based on the strains you've chosen to grow.

Dive into the differences between Indica and Sativa strains to find what works best. Indica strains are often more tranquil and calming, while Sativa strains are more energetic and provide creativity. Feminized Cannabis Seeds are an excellent route to take if you're new to growing weed.

Learn to Harvest and Dry

The moment you discover your cannabis plants are beginning to bear fruit is exciting. It's a step toward having a private supply of quality weed. Despite your excitement, the work is not done.

It's tempting to harvest your buds too soon. Watch your plants and get to know them to determine the best time to harvest and dry the marijuana you've worked hard to grow. If your buds stop sprouting new white hairs, they're approaching the ideal time for harvest.

After harvesting the buds, dry them in a dark and ventilated area of your home. It's best to hang them upside down during the drying process. You know they've dried when the stems snap.

Focus on Ventilation

Ventilation is of vital importance when growing marijuana. Ensure your grow space has the ventilation your plants require to grow and thrive. The airflow prevents mold growth in your growing area and prevents nutrient burns like those caused by over-fertilizing your plants.

You'll also create a space where spider mites and other pests can survive without proper ventilation. You can avoid all these issues by placing your plants in a space with open windows to provide natural air.

Take Notes

If you're growing weed for the first time, document everything during the process. Your first attempt at growing cannabis strains is an adventure, and you can create a map of the journey by documenting everything with pictures and notes.

You'll have your notes to fall back on if you're worried something is going wrong in the future. It's also a fantastic reference for your future growing efforts.

In addition to taking notes and photos, always treat your plants with the kindness they deserve. Be gentle when handling them, and avoid drastic measures like changing locations and lighting. Provide the plants with a gradual adjustment period for the best results.

Consider Growing Weed for Your Health

Growing weed is a fantastic way to control the cannabis strains you use and provide the best environment for them to grow and thrive. Learn the proper amount of light for each growth stage and the basics of harvesting and curing buds. Create a ventilated space for your plants, and research the best cannabis seeds.

Herbal remedies provide a natural way to manage health conditions for a better life. Explore our Lifestyle articles and guides to enhance your life and happiness today!

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