World Lung Cancer Day (01 August) Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Reports to Share

Published:Nov 17, 202322:35
World Lung Cancer Day (01 August) Theme, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Reports to Share
||World Lung Cancer Day|vector illustration of world lung cancer day poster design

World Lung Cancer Day: Every year World Cancer Day is celebrated on 01 August to raise awareness about cancer and their harmful causes. Lung cancer is the also a type of typical cancer that patients are increased from 2020 to 2021 equally and reason is Covid pandemic. During this pandemic time (SARS Noval Corona Virus) the most affected part was lungs that burst out as the fatal disease. According to a health survey there were 2 million newly diagnosed cases of lung cancer past few years. So it is necessary to prevent this cancer from root. So motto to celebrate this day is raise awareness about lung cancer and their symptoms and promote lung cancer patient's that overcome the cancer. These people will be inspirational for those who is suffering from lung cancer at right now. First time this day was celebrated on 01 August 2012. So friends today is World Lung Cancer Day, and here are the Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Theme and Reports that you can share with your close ones.

Fast Facts about World Lung Cancer Day 2023

vector illustration of world lung cancer day poster design
vector illustration of world lung cancer day poster design
EventWorld Lung Cancer Day 2023
TypeHealth, Lifestyle Care
Date01 August 2023
Observed byWorldwide Cancer affected countries
Objectives To spread awareness about lung cancer, deadly effects
Frequency Annual
Historical Significance1929 - Germany started Anti Tobacco Activities
2012 - First time globally this day was celebrated
2020 - Concern disease, 1.80 million people die of lung cancer while 2.21 million new cases are reported.
Activities on Day Campaign run about lung cancer
Awareness rally about lung cancer
Hashtags of Day #worldlungcancerday2023, #worldcancerday, #worldhealthcancer

World Lung Cancer Day 2023 Wishes, Quotes, Messages

World Lung Cancer Day
White awareness ribbon, human lungs and world map silhouette icon vector. August 1. Important day

Wish you all World Lung Cancer Day, lung carcinoma is so fatal  is a malignant lung tumor that can be cured with proper treatment.

Spread Awareness about Lung Cancer and save life, it is the abnormal growth of cell that can be cured in initial stage of cancer so cheers up World Lung Cancer Day.

Uncontrolled growth can metastasize of normal cell, let's come together to overcome this disease on this special day 2023.

Lung cancer is not a complex situation, it can be cured in the initial stage let's make aware people about this disease.

Happy World Lust Cancer 2023, for all who overcome the cancer disease.


On which date World Lung Cancer Day is celebrated ?

01 August

What is the reasons of World Cancer Day 2023 ?

Smoking cigarettes is the single biggest risk factor for lung cancer. It's responsible for more than 70% of cases.

What are symptoms of World Lung Cancer Day ?

Cough, Weight loss, Chest pains are the common reason of lung cancer.

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