World Emoji Day 17 July 2023 – Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Messages, Send Smiley Emoji to your Close Ones

World Emoji Day 2
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World Emoji Day 17 July 2023 – Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Messages, Send Smiley Emoji to your Close Ones : Everyone know about the emoji in WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram user. To make a impressive messages and chat people use many smiley faces, flying hearts, avocados, and unicorns as a emoji. Every year this special day World Emoji Day is celebrated on 17 July to aware people about the modern Japanese smiley faces and emoji. World Emoji day is celebrated on the birthday of Jermy Berge who was the father of Emoji media world. First time this day was observed by the Apple when this company announce about emoji in iOS. There are many nationals and mnc’s like as Pepsi and other also use emojis for their different products and services. In this article we will see the Best Wishes Greetings, Quotes, Smiley Messages to share your closed one’s.

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World Emoji Day Key Highlights

EventWorld Emoji Day
Observe bySocial media platforms Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn
Observation date17 July
TypeSocial fun, Digital Activity
SignificanceUse this day to “communicate with only emoji”
FounderJermy Berge

World Emoji Day 2023 Quotes and Messages

World Emoji Day
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😂 Happy World Emoji Day let’s celebrate this day and light up our friends’ phones with all the emojis today. it’s a healthy obsession. 😂

😉 This is the day to communicate with all emoji, stop the old typing chat let’s celebrate this day with love heart emoji today 😂

😂 When words are less to communicate then Emojis appears to show feeling, let’s alive this emoji world, on this special day 😂

😂 Emoji have powerful world with their deep feelings, people joins their sentiments with this beautiful world and today this beautiful world birthday. 😂

😂 Wish you all a Happy Emoji Day, emoji reflects your deep hidden affection! Tricky but true. Wishing you Happy World Emoji Day! 😂

  • “Happy World Emoji Day! Let’s celebrate the power of tiny symbols that speak volumes. 🎉🌍😄”
  • “Emojis: the universal language that transcends borders and connects hearts. Happy World Emoji Day 2023! ❤️🌎🥳”
  • “On this World Emoji Day, let’s remember that sometimes, a single emoji can convey what words struggle to express. 😊📅📱”
  • “Wishing everyone a day filled with emoji conversations that make you LOL and feel all the feels. Happy World Emoji Day! 😂❤️😊”
  • “Raise your emojis and celebrate the day of smiles, laughter, and endless expressions. Happy World Emoji Day 2023! 😃🎈🌟”
  • “Emojis: the hieroglyphics of the digital age, weaving emotions into our messages. Have a fantastic World Emoji Day! 📲😁💬”
  • “Sending you virtual hugs, real smiles, and a ton of emojis on this special day. Happy World Emoji Day 2023! 🤗😄💌”
  • “Express yourself in a way that transcends language—through emojis! Wishing you a day full of vibrant conversations. 🗨️🎉😊”
  • “Happy World Emoji Day! May your messages be as colorful and expressive as the emojis you use. 📩🌈😀”
  • “As we celebrate World Emoji Day, let’s remember that these tiny icons have the power to unite us in a global conversation. 🌐💬😇”
  • “Cheers to the emojis that add a splash of fun and a dash of emotion to our digital dialogues! Happy World Emoji Day 2023! 🥂🤩📱”
  • “On this World Emoji Day, let’s appreciate the art of saying a lot with a little. Embrace the emoji and spread the joy! 😍🌏💌”
  • “From ❤️ to 😂, emojis paint the canvas of our modern communication. Have a day full of emoji stories and connections. 🎨📚🗨️”
  • “Happy World Emoji Day! A day to celebrate the magic of emojis – turning messages into a tapestry of emotions. 🎈🤗📲”
  • “Let’s turn this World Emoji Day into a festival of smiles, laughter, and endless digital expressions. Enjoy the emoji extravaganza! 😁🎉📩”

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Popular Emojis and Deep Meanings

World Emoji Day
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Face with Tears and Joy😂😂😂
Face a Blowing Kiss😘😘😘
Smiling Face with Heart Eyes😍😍😍
Smiley Face😊😊😊
Loving Heart💖💖💖
Loud crying face deep Sorrow😪😪😪
Winking face😉😉😉


On which Date World Emoji Day is celebrated ?

17 July.

Who is the father of World Emoji Day.

Jeremy Burge

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