Wishes Happy Chaitra Navratri (2024) Maa Durga Mantras, Status, Blessings Messages, Pooja Vidhi

Published:Nov 17, 202311:06
Wishes Happy Chaitra Navratri (2024) Maa Durga Mantras, Status, Blessings Messages, Pooja Vidhi
Happy Wishes Happy Chaitra Navratri|Happy Wishes Happy Chaitra Navratri

Happy Wishes Happy Chaitra Navratri (2024): Hindu New Year and Vikram Smavat has started with auspicious festival of Chaitra Navratri 2024. According to Hindu culture this is the day when King Vikrmaditya has defeated the Shaka ruler, and it was reason that king started the New Year of Vikram Samvat. This year Chaitra Navratra has started from 2 April to 11 April. This is the festival of Nine days when all people offer prayer to Maa Duraga. Some of people celebrate festival with nine days fast and they also refrain from from non veg and drinks. So this is the festival of a enthusiasm, new hopes and wishes. Here are the warmth Wishes, Messages and Greetings that you can share with your families and friends.

9 Avtar (Forms) Goddess Durga and Color Significance

Happy Wishes Happy Chaitra Navratri

On 9 day Chaitra, it is believed that 9 Forms of Maa Durga come on earth. 9 forms of Goddess Durga and their name have vivid significance in Hindu religion. So here are the names of Maa Durga and color of with their importance

  1. SHAILPURI - RED color of symbol of Strength
  2. BRAHMCHARINI - Blue color, symbol of Calmness
  3. CHANDRAGHANTA - Yellow color, symbol of Power
  4. KUSHMANDA - Green color, symbol of rich Flora Fauna
  5. SKANDMATA - Grey color, symbol of Prosperity
  6. KATYANI - Orange symbol of Courage
  7. KALRATRI - White symbol of Tranquility
  8. MAHAGAURI - Pink symbol of refresh Hope
  9. SIDDHIDATRI - Sky Blue symbol of Wealth

Happy Chaitra Navratri Wishes 2024

  • May Goddess bless you of Prosperity and Rich Health in whole life, Happy Navratri to You.
  • With the grace of Goddess you flower with Good hopes and wishes of life.
  • All unsuccess of your life will abolish with Maa Durga Blessings, Happy Navratri 2024.
  • May all devils, darkness will change in sparkling light with bless of Maa Katyani. Happy wishes to all of Chaitra Navrata.
  • Happy Chaitra Navratri, Let darkness pass and the road be paved with happiness and prosperity.

Wishful Messages, Greetings of Maa Durga

  1. Spirituality, Wisdom, Prosperity illuminate in your life on this Navratra. Happy wishes Maa Katyani.
  2. May all Devine power you, all wishes you want to fulfill with grace of Maa Kushmanda. Happy Navratri.
  3. Let you got wealth, health, prosperity, education, wisdom, glory, happiness, power, determination in nine days of Navrtra.
  4. Your life illuminate with good health and harmony in Chaitra Navrta. Happy Navratri 2022.
  5. May Maa Durga bestow upon you and your family nine forms of blessings- Fame, Name, Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness, Education, Health, Power, and Commitment. Happy Navratri!

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