What Are BJ's Holiday Hours?

Published:Nov 17, 202319:27
What Are BJ's Holiday Hours?

We all have the best Christmas intentions: the goal is to wake up on December 24th with our presents wrapped, cookies baked, and casseroles prepped. Since our lives are far less picturesque than a Hallmark movie (we can still dream), sometimes we end up rushing to get things in order (like last-minute gifts) before the holiday instead of roasting chestnuts by an open fire.

So if you just realized you still need wrapping paper for those presents under the tree, cookie dough to make a treat for Santa, or any other ingredients for Christmas dinner, BJ's Wholesale Club has you covered. Members can get just about anything they need from one of BJ's 216 stores this holiday season. But before you walk out the door with your membership card in hand, let's check BJ's holiday hours ...

When is BJ's Open on Christmas Day?

BJ's has informed GoodHousekeeping.com that on Dec. 1, your local BJ's will release their holiday hours. So, on the first day of December, check with your local store by phone or via the BJ's club locator.

P.S. Whatever you do, try to head out to the store early, because your holiday should be spent lounging by the fire — not sprinting through store aisles.

Where else can I shop on Christmas?

Luckily, these helpful stores are usually open on Christmas Day — which is perfect, because we're sure you still have stocking stuffers or a White Elephant gift to buy.

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