[WATCH] Twitch streamer Felix xQc likely kisses sister in viral video

Published:Mar 27, 202407:20
[WATCH] Twitch streamer Felix xQc likely kisses sister in viral video

Streamer Felix xQc is currently drowning in rumors and controversy.

Creators can sometimes do weird things to get likes and views on streaming platforms. It's funny how people forget what happened in the past, but then one flick of the light brings all those embarrassing memories back.

Felix xQc kissing his sister is going viral right now. His eyes are closed as he kisses his sister passionately.

Fans weren't happy with this news. All of them rushed to social media to express their opinions, and some even texted him.

Felix xQc Allegedly Kissing His Sister Goes Viral

Aside from being worried about him, his friends texted him to see how he was doing.

When it comes to the real thing, things are a little different. It turned out he hadn't kissed her after all.

He and his ex-girlfriend look a little alike in the video because she used to style his appearance like he did when they were together, so that's why he looked a little similar.

That crosses out the eyebrow and her blonde hair.

The video of the kiss was right after Felix broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Sam. That video dates back to November 2022, and that is NYYXXII, who is also his ex-girlfriend and not his sister. HasanAbi made sure to talk out loud about the matter.

He said, “Okay, obviously this is not xQc’s sister. 

Very funny that [the Twitter/X user who posted the rumour] posted this. It’s got 6,000 likes.” This helped the situation to die down a little bit because Felix was losing his mind over the whole rumor.

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